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Solarize Atlanta Aims to Reduce Cost of Solar Panels

A team of Georgia environmental groups recently launched Solarize, a new community-based program to reduce the cost of buying and installing solar panels for Atlanta property owners.

The Solarize Atlanta campaign aims to leverage the bulk-purchasing power of hundreds of customers to negotiate cheaper prices for solar panels and installation. Solarize gets competitive bids from qualified local solar contractors.

The campaign is geared towards all types of property owners: residential, commercial, schools, nonprofits and houses of worship. It offers competitive pricing through bulk-purchased materials and free solar evaluations as well as workshops and informational events.

The Solarize campaign will be offered for a limited time. Once the campaign ends, discount pricing may end. The higher the number of people signing up, the lower the prices the organization will be able to negotiate.


For more information about Solarize and to sign up for a free solar evaluation, visit

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