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MINDFULNESS and the Art of Abundance

Adapted from The Art of Abundance by Dennis Merritt Jones, ©2018

Being focused plays an important role in creating the life you desire. Your mind is your most powerful ally in creating a life of abundance, purpose and meaning—but it needs direction. You are an energy director, and as such, the more you focus your intentions the more effectively you can access and use the principle of abundance.

The problem is that often our minds are so easily distracted by the daily dramas and doings of life that we sacrifice our ability to focus our creative energy solely on the secret to life that will set us free: our oneness with the Universe and the principle of abundance.

You can, however, train your mind to focus on the principle of abundance. This self-inquiry practice is one way to do so.

The Practice

Become a conscious observer of yourself in action. Challenge the thoughts that do not affirm your worthiness—your oneness with life—and change them, one at a time.

1. The next time you turn on the television, watch a movie or start to read an article or a book, be aware of the intent of what you are watching or reading, realizing that the essence of its content is seeping ever so inconspicuously into your consciousness.

Self-inquiry: Ask yourself, “Do the words I read or the programs I watch align my mind with the principle of abundance? Do they feed my mind with healthy, life-affirming images, constructive ideas and story lines, or is the content less than soul nourishing?”

2. Become aware of your relationships— intimate and casual—because they each reflect some aspect of your current consciousness. Remember, the Universe is listening, and it takes what you affirm for yourself seriously. The type of relationships you have speaks volumes as to who you think you are and how worthy you believe you are.

Self-inquiry: Ask yourself, “Are my relationships with people who inspire and lift me to higher levels of thinking? Or do our conversations revolve around a belief in not enough or gossip or complaining about how bad things are—essentially staring at what’s wrong with life rather than what’s right?”

3. The next time you are in a restaurant, as you begin looking at the menu, notice where your attention goes first. This practice will allow you to see your unconscious intentions about the relationship you have with yourself and with the principle of abundance.

Self-inquiry: Do my eyes first drift to the side where the food items are listed, or to the side where the prices are listed? Is my choice of meal determined by its price or by how much the meal actually appeals to me?

4. Are you a coupon clipper? Let us be clear: seeking to save money is not a bad thing, but understanding your motivation behind it can reveal your current state of abundance consciousness. When shopping or spending money on yourself, where does your attention go initially? Do you find yourself looking first for sale items and special bargains? Self-worth can also determine your spending habits. This is not to say you should spend foolishly or not be prudent enough to take advantage of a great deal that pops up when shopping. The point of this practice is to witness your current abundance consciousness as well as how much value you place on yourself.

Self-inquiry: What is my motivation behind bargain hunting and coupon clipping? Is it based on the simple wisdom of not spending more than I need to, or is it driven by a belief in scarcity, the fear of not enough? Do I feel worthy of the best? Each of these practices calls for mindfulness to be applied in a different and unique way in your life. The key is to be present enough with your actions in the moment to witness your underlying intentions, many of which you do unconsciously. The ability to be the conscious observer of your actions will allow you to catch, challenge, and change any underlying unconscious intention undermining your ability to achieve the goal of an abundance consciousness.

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