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Grounded Kids Go Square To Be Fair

(Photo: Ross Oscar Knight)

Atlanta’s Grounded Kids yoga school has changed all of its rectangular cards, posters and bandanas into square shapes.

“Squares are cool because they represent equality on all sides,” says Cheryl Crawford, partner and cofounder of the company. “A square is more harmonious; a square gives equal time between listening and speaking and between strength and flexibility.”

Grounded Kids is a children’s yoga school registered with the Yoga Alliance. Its co-founders have appeared on CNN, PBS, NBC Nightly News, Fox Atlanta and other local news outlets. In Grounded Kids classes, young people learn how to ground when unsettled, energize when feeling sluggish and focus when distracted, according to the company.

The square’s the thing. “We’re always reshaping and refining what we do; always looking out for the best possibilities,” says Crawford. “Squares are considered fair and balanced, and they can’t help but evoke a fair and balanced emotional state of being.”


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Image: Ross Oscar Knight

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