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The Vibration of Words

Jul 30, 2018 02:00AM ● By Lucretia Robison
I had to go to a global corporation’s Facebook page and rant today.I was very good at it. My rant was much more progressive for me than the dozens of nice, professional phone calls I made that they declined to respond to. I am now getting the attention and service I need. My soul doesn’t feel light or bright though. I was vibrating strongly for sure. Vibrations can be strong and high or strong and low. I went deep, and the vibes were strong and low.

I’m sure I shook some insurance people awake with the ice-cold water of words I threw in their sleepy faces. I can’t say I like myself very much right now, though my actions were necessary.

I’m realizing the words we speak carry vibrations that shape our lives. We become what we think, and language is the carrier. I am awakening to how words and phrases set a tone for dampening or brightening our spirit and those whom our language touches.

I practice positivity, whether it is seeing the bright side, or feeling joy, amazement, awe, humor or any of the other forms of positivity. I have created myself to be an open, growing, positive person—or so I thought.

Did you know when someone thanks you, and you say, “No worries,” that is a negative phrase? Think about it. No is a negative word and worries is a negative word. It’s a doubly negative phrase. It is abundantly more positive to say, “You’re welcome.”

I thought I was a positive person, but even writing this short piece I find myself backspacing from the negative isn’t and rephrasing into the positive is. I read my past posts, and while they are intended to be hopeful, educational and inspirational, I could have used more positive phrasing. I scroll my Facebook page and I see that my words vibrate low sometimes. That’s not what I intended when I wrote them.

Let’s vibrate high, bright and strong so the world knows the power of positive words. We need each other to try. It will make the world a better place.
Pisces people like me tend to dive deep and get stuck in the shadowy sea mud when the current gets rough. But we love water, so our awareness is shadowed until someone shines a light on us and says, “Hey friend. You ever coming back up to the bright side?”

I am so thankful for my friends, who are as interesting and diverse as ice cream flavors. If I were to have a party for my friends, it would be an eclectic mix of many colors, languages and backgrounds. The only common thread they have is good intentions to do their best each day, and that is why I love them. All of them. I have a few friends who speak mostly negatively, but I understand what they mean. Most of them fluctuate in their energy like the weather. Then I have some friends who are as bright and free as they are prosperous, and I always want to know where that brightness came from.

I think I know now. It comes from their language. When you are in the presence of the brightness of someone who just makes you feel good, listen to how they speak. Listen for what is missing and what is there. It is all about the positive language that broadens and builds resources.

Language is powerful. It is a beautiful arrangement of sounds, pitch and breath that has the power to cause others to engage, trust and create bonds with us. It sounds different wherever you go, even from one town to the next. I am learning how to speak to help increase prosperity in my own life as well as to help others experience positivity in theirs.

I’m going to go practice some self-love and self-care now, listen to some positive music, and, I hope, raise my vibration so that I can feel good in my own skin again.

 ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧  

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