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Award-winning Touch For Health Instructor Teaches Foot Pain Elimination Techniques

More than ten years ago, Earl Cook, an Atlanta-based Touch for Health practitioner and teacher, helped a dancer friend alleviate extreme pain in her feet. Although she had worked with numerous specialists, the pain prevailed. But drawing on his knowledge of Touch for Health (TFH), a nonmedical healing modality, Cook developed and pioneered new techniques to reduce or eliminate pain in the feet.

“My techniques take only seconds and are noninvasive, easy to perform, effective and safe,” he says. Cook recently presented his innovative techniques at the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association conference in Malibu, California, and has been teaching Touch for Health classes at Heal Center Atlanta for over a decade. Beginning with his September classes, he will also present his new foot-pain-elimination techniques.

“Our feet are almost always doing something; some people even tap their feet while sitting. Properly functioning feet are essential to healthy movement and balance. Pain-free feet are even better,” says Cook.

In 2017  his contributions to the TFH model garnered Cook the Instructor of the Year award from the Touch For Health Kinesiology Association’s and the John Francis Thie Award from the International Kinesiology College.

Cook’s techniques seem to have long-lasting effects. His dancer friend has not had recurring pain since he used the techniques just one time many years ago. Many others have reported excellent results.


Cook’s Touch For Health class will take place on September 15 and 16 at Heal Center Atlanta, located at 270 Carpenter Dr. NE Suite 500, Atlanta, Georgia. Find out more at

Image: Earl Cook

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