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Deep Breath Initiative Coming to GA Classrooms

From September 11 through November 11, Georgia students can experience the renewing and cleansing power of breath right in the classroom. Georgia Breathes, a “Deep Breath Initiative,” teaches students four breathing techniques that can help them break through negative blocks and create new, positive habits, says Cheryl Crawford, originator of the program and founder of Grounded Kids.

Each breath in the sequence is accessible, easy to learn and a helpful tool for creating a mind-body connection.

“We believe in the power of the breath to connect the mind and body, the power of the teacher to connect students to each other and the power of Georgia to connect classrooms statewide,” says Crawford, who has been teaching yoga in Atlanta schools for 15 years.

To kick off the program, free classes were held in August at Lululemon stores and other locations throughout Georgia that provided demonstrations and trainings in the four breaths and other breathing tools. Additional free classes are being scheduled. Everyone is welcome.

Classrooms can sign up online to participate in the statewide “four breaths for 40 days” program. Thirty schools have signed up so far. Registration costs $26, but financial assistance is readily available. Once registered, classrooms receive a Georgia Breathes kit, which includes a Tibetan “breathing” flag, clear instructions for doing the four breaths, a breathing “tracker” to hang in the classroom, optional activities, assessment tools and more. Access to videos and social media will also be included for free as Crawford posts her visits to a school each day of the program.

United Way and Lululemon are major sponsors supporting the program. In addition, the Decatur City Schools Education Foundation will pay for participation in Georgia Breathes requested by any classroom in Decatur.


Schools and classrooms can register and be counted by visiting For more information, see

Image: Ross Oscar Knight

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