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Vida-Flo Opens Fourth Atlanta Store in Sandy Springs

Vida-Flo, an IV hydration spa, is opening its fourth Atlanta store in Sandy Springs. The grand opening is scheduled for November 1 at 6400 Bluestone Road.

The company offers 18 combinations of vitamins and minerals—the company calls these “gains”—that are mixed with 1000 ml of hydration fluid and administered intravenously. Sandy Springs store general manager Rachel Barlev says that the two most popular gains are Myers’ Cocktail and Vidaglo.

“Someone who is not feeling well will often go with a Myers’ Cocktail, because that mixture is a good combination of B vitamins and antioxidants,” says Barlev. “And someone looking for a health boost will go for Vidaglo. It’s a combination of nature’s three most powerful antioxidants for cleansing and detoxifying and boosting the immune system.” Namely glutathione, vitamin C and zinc.

Owner Matt Borah says that most of its customers—Vida-Flo says it has treated more than 75,000 people across the United States since opening its first store in 2012—come to proactively improve their health. The next largest group is suffering from one medical condition or another and is looking for ways to enhance healing. People suffering from hangovers and jet lag also avail themselves of Vida-Flo’s services.

First-time customers receive an introductory price of $69 for one treatment that includes three “essential gains.” The regular price of that treatment is $180 but is considerably less for those who purchase a membership. The minimum six-month membership cost per treatment is $69.

Vida-Flo’s three other Atlanta stores are in Brookhaven, Buckhead and Virginia Highlands. For more info, visit



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