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Kudos! Clear Path Wellness Celebrates 10 Years

Korey Gotoo celebrates sole ownership of Clear Path Wellness with a relaunch. (Photo: Leigh Deitz)

Path Wellness will be 10 years old on Halloween. The Sandy Springs wellness center specializes in colonics and offers many other services.

Another milestone in Clear Path Wellness’s history occurred in July: Owner Korey Gotoo wanted to grow the business, so she bought it outright from her former business partner, Sue Pepka. The two bought the business, previously called Star Wellness Center, together.

Since the buyout, Gotoo has added four therapists to the four already working out of Clear Path Wellness. In addition to Gotoo, a colon hydrotherapist, the center’s roster includes Mimi Anderson, a colon hydrotherapist and specialist in Rainbow Therapy; Barbara Wiggins, a reflexologist; Vanessa Cortez, a massage therapist; Jewell Bethea, who performs vaginal steaming and hip baths; Jazmyne Mims, an aesthetician; Melody Perry, Access Bars practitioner; and Rocio Chavez, who specializes in detoxifying massage, reiki and biomagnetic therapy.

Clear Path Wellness is about detoxifying, and Gotoo expanded her staff with that in mind. “That’s why the doctor is providing detoxing massage,” she says. “I’m offering clients the opportunity to see her first before the colonic. It will help the body to release. It’s more effective if they see her first.”

The sudden growth does not require additional office space. “In the future, my dream is for Clear Path to own its own building,” says Gotoo. “Right now, though, we’re established and we’ll stay here for a few years.”

Clear Path Wellness Center, 275 Carpenter Drive, Suite 202, Sandy Springs. For more information call 404-497-9268 or visit


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