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Priya Lakhi, an Atlanta-based intuitive coach, energy healer and founder of Awaken Ananda, is launching the Awakening Circle, a monthly gathering to explore awakening and deeper spiritual principles. The first gathering is Monday, February 4, at 6:30 pm.

“More and more of my clients are coming in saying that they feel like they have a deeper purpose that isn’t expressing itself and that they feel out of sorts with their lives,” says Lakhi. “It can feel quite isolating when you’re the only one in your circle who’s questioning whether life is supposed to mean more or not.”

“Spiritual awakenings can sometimes be shocking, painful unsettling periods of our lives”, she states on her website, “People can feel as though their lives have been turned upside down, which can lead to self-isolation, depression and chronic anxiety.”

“It’s an ‘unbecoming,’ Lakhi continues. “It’s a time when you discover that everything that you thought was you isn’t you.”

The Awakening Circle is a nonjudgmental forum in which to explore the new energy of the earth, share personal experiences and discuss the process of awakening. Lakhi’s years of study and her own awakening have guided her to teach spirituality concepts to those who are in that process.

The Awakening Circle is held the first Monday of the month at the Center for Love & Light, 1145 Zonolite Rd NE #10 in Atlanta. For more information, see

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