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Top 7 Reasons People Get Energy Healing

Mar 30, 2019 02:25AM ● By Diane Eaton
What are the most common issues people have when seeking energy work? With what types of problems do practitioners have the greatest success? We asked these questions of several Atlanta energy healers and here’s what we found.


Many people seek out energy healers to help relieve longstanding or overwhelming emotional issues. Working the energy field helps to release even deep, pent-up feelings safely and more thoroughly.

“Very often, people feel something emotionally when they’re on the table, letting emotions rise up to be released,” says Mindy Strich, a certified biofield therapist. “Even people with lifelong emotional issues walk away feeling more connected with themselves and more grounded.”

Clients of energy healer Bill Flanigan frequently resolve lifelong issues with their family members and with loved ones who have passed, he says, adding that often, “Blockages in relationships are diminished and grief gets completely relieved. When we’re done, people are no longer gripped by that pain.”

Energy healing can help with intense feelings such as anger too. “Anger often has a lot to do with feeling out of control in life,” says Certified Reiki Master and Karuna Ki Reiki Master, Ella Noelle Star. The work can help people “loosen up the reins and shift their perspective about a situation. Perspective is the key to freedom.”


Energy healing can have impressive immediate and long-term results relieving pain. People often experience a significant reduction in their pain in one session, and further improvements are felt afterward. Practitioners tell us that any time the body undergoes trauma—from injuries, accidents, surgery or illnesses—the trauma registers in the energetic body as well as the physical, so treating the energy field helps the body heal.

“When I release trauma from the energy field, the issue has a much better environment to heal,” says Fernand Poulin, an energy healer, a chiropractor and the owner of Whitewinds Institute of Integrative Energetic Medicine.

One of Strich’s clients had her leg amputated from the knee down but was still experiencing pain below the knee after surgery. When Strich worked on her energetically, she put her hands where the leg used to be and felt the trauma that was still lingering in the energy field. With the use of several techniques, the pain went away within the session. “She may need more than one session,” says Strich. “Like other things, maintenance and follow-up are sometimes necessary.”

Flanigan frequently works to reduce pain from muscle pulls, migraines and internal organs such as the liver, spleen and kidneys. “Soft tissue issues seem to heal much faster than bone-related issues. With soft-tissue problems, there’s usually a 20 to 30 percent reduction in pain before they leave the session, another 35 percent by the next day, and the full healing happens within three days,” he says. Bone-related issues, he says, take longer—about two weeks to heal: “I think that’s because it simply takes time for bone to grow; it’s not as simple as flow and alignment issues.”

But sometimes there’s more than just the injury itself to heal, such as infections that arise around injuries. “I tap into the person’s field and find the infectious cells and replace them with golden light,” says the certified energy healer Suzanne Bailey. “Then I ask the surrounding cells to fill the space, which helps the body remove the infection.” Occasionally, this is done in conjunction with a physician’s use of antibiotics for optimal results.


Both anxiety and depression can be greatly reduced with the help of energy healing. “Typically, anxiety comes from repetitively thinking thoughts that aren’t true or thoughts about past painful events,” says Bailey. She talks to people to get a feel for where the issue is stemming from and then works energetically to clear them out. “A lot of times it’s unforgiveness, held resentment or anger.”

“Some [anxiety] is due to people having certain gifts and abilities that are awakening in them,” explains certified Reiki Master Ella Noelle Star, who sees many people with anxiety. “I find out what the trauma is and help them see and understand how they’re keeping that trauma alive. The point is to work through the layers to get to the root.”

Those who work with symptoms of depression in their clients find that there’s often some suppression going on. Energy healer Gedalia Genin, who specializes in Marma therapy, says 90 percent of the women she works with have blocked creativity. “They haven’t valued their creative side and they aren’t doing what their soul is asking them to do,” she says. “When people connect to their heart and feel improved energy flow, more grounded, more vitality and joy, they’re able to recharge what’s important to them.”

Joanne Newell, an energy healer, says she focuses on where the energy is out of balance to find what is causing stress in the body and symptoms of depression to surface.


Several practitioners we spoke to help cancer patients who want to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy treatment. Poulin’s work helps by facilitating the immune system and strengthening the acupuncture meridians to help his clients’ bodies stay strong and vital throughout the process. Strich says her work helps reduce fatigue and nausea while helping the body eliminate toxins. “It has become a passion for me to offer sessions to people going through cancer treatments,” she says. “I want to help people cope with both the physical and the emotional side of cancer.” She shares that her work helps shift the depression, hopelessness and lethargy patients can experience.

Newell finds that when patients want to take a holistic approach to their cancer, they sometimes gather a team of practitioners to work with. “No one thing works for every person every time, so getting a team of people works well,” she says. Energy work is an important part of that, she explains.


One major reason people see energy healers is to get help with problematic digestion. Our healers agree that digestive problems are usually associated with psychological issues. Poulin works energetically and then takes an empowerment approach: “I work with the underlying energetics in the tissues that need to be freed up, and then I coach the client how to work with their own energetics that relate to their digestion.” Of course, sometimes problems have to do with the client’s diet, for which Poulin might refer them to a nutritionist. But it also might involve the manner in which people eat, which can be addressed energetically.

“People can get so busy and so intense sometimes. They have to give themselves permission to breathe and relax and not be so wound up all the time,” says Star.


Incorporating energy work after surgery can have dramatic results. During surgery, the energy field is apparently impacted as much as the physical body. If that impact is not attended to, it can slow down healing on the physical level. “When a surgeon cuts into the body, they’re also cutting into the [energy] field,” says Strich. “And while your physical body is trying to heal from surgery, there is still a trauma in the energy body that also needs to be healed.”

Poulin says that surgery fragments the energy field, and when the body tissue is exposed to that fragmentation, it prolongs the healing process. His work with pre- and post-surgical procedures, including those for heart disease, has been highly successful, he says. “After surgery, I clear the [energetic] trauma and the tear in the field, so the tissue is more relaxed and less shocked,” he says. With obstacles out of its way, the body is free to heal much more quickly.


Energy work helps to connect people with themselves in deep ways. People seem to seek out energy healers when they’ve had spiritual experiences they don’t understand and when they want to find out how to delve more deeply into the ones they do. “Sometimes people come in with a new-found intuition and they don’t understand how they’re supposed to use it,” says Newell. “Maybe they had some sort of enlightenment experience and they don’t know how to ground it, or maybe they’re just feeling, ‘I don’t know who I am anymore.’”

Flanigan notices that spiritual healing sometimes happens on its own in a session. “I get a permission from them and then it just happens to them, whether it’s a visit from someone on the other side, a past life experience, potential future events or becoming fully aware that they are a spiritual being in a human body.” Most people are not usually aware of exactly what spiritual healing they need, he says, so, “It just kind of comes up while they are there receiving.”



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