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Lighter Side Network Now Streams for Free

In May, The Lighter Side Network (LSN), an Atlanta-based online streaming service providing metaphysical and wellness-related content, switched from a subscription model to a free, sponsor-based model. Its videos and podcasts are now free to listeners and viewers worldwide.

LSN provides hundreds of shows on topics related to wholeness living, energy healing, metaphysical exploration and communicating with Spirit. Hosting new shows every week, the network intends to be both entertaining and enlightening; it describes its efforts as “taking the woo-woo and making it true-true.”

Jamie Butler, a “working medium” who has worked with clients worldwide for 30 years, launched the Lighter Side Network. She is also founder of The Center for Love and Light in Atlanta. “The Lighter Side Network was born out of my need for enlightening, honest and community-driven content,” Butler says.

“My dream has come true in getting authentic content to the community,” she continues. “When I was getting to know my own intuitive self, I wanted a safe place to explore, so being able to offer it to others now has been such a joy. Thank you to the viewers for making this happen. Keep sharing and supporting each other! When we support and take care of each other, we all benefit.”

Sign up for free membership at LSN at

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