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Cryogen+ Recovery Opens Second Location

(Photo: Devin Clayton)

Top athletes Lebron James and Usain Bolt are just a few who have adopted cryogenic and compression therapy to aid recovery from punishing workouts and performance. The Cryogen+ Recovery and Wellness Center is now open in two locations in metro Atlanta, Grant Park and Hapeville, offering Atlantans the benefits of the technology.

Cryogen+ offers three treatment options for different needs. Whole body cryotherapy helps speed physical recovery by exposing the body to temperatures colder than -200º F for 3 minutes. Benefits can include muscle and joint pain relief, weight loss, younger-looking skin and improved mood and energy.

Localized Cryotherapy is used to promote collagen production, reduce inflammation, support athletic recovery for problem areas, and pain relief. It is also used to treat illness and discomfort in pets.

The center’s third treatment option, NormaTec compression technology, is a dynamic compression device that uses dynamic, massage-like compression to increase circulation.

“If you consider that we all grew up using ice to treat pain, you can see that cryotherapy offers an improved version of a tried and true remedy. By perfecting ‘icing,’ we are able to speed recovery and help you get back to enjoying an active lifestyle,” says founder Tynisha Astrel.
Memberships start at $99/month. Individual sessions start at $40 for localized cryotherapy, $89 for whole body cryotherapy and $40 for NormaTec compression sessions.

The Cryogen+ Recovery and Wellness Center in Grant Park is located at 1039 Grant Street SE, Building A, Suite A21 in Atlanta. To learn more, visit, email [email protected] or call 404-963-5265 for Hapeville or 470-428-2139 for Grant Park.

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