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Vibrology Center Resounds with Wellness

Oct 01, 2019 01:23AM ● By Noah Chen

Korinne Holt, Vibroogy Center founder, inside the Harmonic Egg (Photo: Travis Holt)

Tucked away on the second floor of Serendipity Labs in the business plaza of 100 North Point Center East is a hollow, multi-faceted wooden egg about the size of a car. The device, called the Harmonic Egg, is both a rare healing tool and the cornerstone to The Vibrology Center, run by sole founder, Korrine Holt.

Holt has been using the Harmonic Egg to heal and alleviate a wide variety of medical issues, from stress and insomnia to helping multiple sclerosis (MS) patients recover lost mobility.

“So far there’s nothing it’s not improving. It’s resetting the autonomic nervous system and relaxing it,” says Holt about the Harmonic Egg. “It’s harmonizing the body, so all the healing mechanisms are coming online.”

Holt specializes in vibro-acoustic therapy (VAT), a form of sound healing, and admits that research about it is hard to come by, although her website has links to several peer-reviewed papers on the topic.

VAT works by immersing the individual in musical vibrations that carry energy into the body. When the frequency of a muscle is matched by the external sound, that muscle will resonate, causing increased blood flow to the area and loosening tightened fibers. Sounds during VAT can also affect the pacinian corpuscle, the receptors in the body that send certain non-pain messages to the brain when they’re stimulated.

The Harmonic Egg was built to enhance the healing qualities of VAT. The sound is more concentrated toward the individual when they are enclosed in the capsule, with the egg shape focusing the vibrations on the client. The wooden walls of the egg resonate like a musical instrument.

Holt describes the healthy body as being “in tune,” or vibrating at certain frequencies. The music played into the egg is customized to reverberate with the frequencies the individual is lacking, and by submerging the out-of-tune body in the proper frequencies, Holt is able to “retune” it.

General stress, sleep, and digestion are the three things Holt says she treats the most, but some people come with more complex issues, and some come on a weekly basis to counteract the damage of their high-stress lifestyles.

“One gentleman I started working with has neuropathy and is numb in his feet; he’s getting the feeling back. I had an MS client who was unable to rotate her ankles, and she was able to rotate her feet and ankles for the first time in years.”

Some clients have issues of which they might not be aware. Holt has her own ways of finding what “notes” in the body are not resonating fully using kinesthetic muscle testing. This practice relies on the idea that the body knows what is right or wrong for it. For example, Holt will ask a client to say “the note of A is resonating in my body” while monitoring the muscles in the client's arm. If they hold firm, it indicates that the note is resonating fine, but if they slacken, there may be problems.

After identifying what “notes” the client’s body could resonate more effectively, the individual enters the Harmonic Egg and sits in a reclining zero gravity chair. Sessions consist of forty minutes of custom-chosen music, followed by ten minutes of silence. Afterward, the client discusses the experience with Holt, and future sessions, if necessary, can be planned.

Many report very positive experiences in the Harmonic Egg. According to Holt, the technology is doing so well that the manufacturer, Life Center, is backed up with orders until next month. Currently, Holt estimates there are only eight Harmonic Eggs in the world, with that number probably rising to around 20 within 18 months.

“I think people are starting to experience how powerful it is—and there are no negative side effects. Some things you just can’t keep in the can,” says Holt. “Now, how much Western medicine is going to jump on that, I don’t know.”

But the growing number of Harmonic Egg orders, as well as her own growing and diversifying client base, has given Holt an optimistic outlook on the future of her industry.
“I think we’re on the edge of a massive shift toward sound healing,” she says. “I think the cat’s out of the bag on this one.”

For more information, including details about the Harmonic Egg and how to book a session, go to

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