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Salt n’ Sweat Opens in Alpharetta

Salt n’ Sweat Wellness opened its doors in August, offering dry salt therapy, or halotherapy, and infrared sauna therapy treatments for optimal health. Halotherapy uses salt’s natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to benefit a variety of conditions from allergies and respiratory issues to athletic performance, stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Salt n’ Sweat’s private glass salt therapy booths are Atlanta’s first fully customizable dry salt therapy option, according to the company. Their infrared sauna detox treatments are offered in individual private “suites” using pods that heat the body, not the air. The treatment increases core body temperatures by three degrees for a deep, detoxifying sweat.

Owner Kim Swords was inspired to open Salt n’ Sweat Wellness after spending 13 days in a hospital’s intensive care unit due to devastating complications from an autoimmune disorder last year. She used halotherapy and infrared sauna treatments to help her attain optimal health. Due to her efforts, she has been in remission from her illness for a year, with no medication and no surgery.

“Salting and sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to health,” says Swords. “I’ve seen amazing results in skin conditions like acne, inflammation due to cancer, pain relief from autoimmune diseases, better breathing from asthma, allergies and sinusitis and just overall feeling rejuvenated!”

Salt n’ Sweat is located at 735 N. Main Street, Suite 1900, in Alpharetta. The company is offering a first-time introductory offer of $29 for the first salt or sweat. Passes, packages and memberships range from $29-$399. For more information, email [email protected], call 770-855-6212 or 678-580-2501, or visit

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