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Float Atlanta Opens in Decatur

Alice Waters & Rashid Nuri (Photo: Bailey Garrot)

Float Atlanta recently opened in downtown Decatur as a full-time float center that features an open float pool, an escape pod and a floatarium tank similar to ones designed for the U.S. Olympic ski team. The float tanks at Float Atlanta contain 1,100 pounds of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt in 150 gallons of water, allowing the body to be completely buoyant.

 “By restricting your sense of sight, touch, and vision while you float, we give you a peaceful environment for total relaxation,” says owner Lois Thibodeau. “After just a few minutes it becomes hard to distinguish where your body ends and the water begins.”

“We are the only location in Georgia with a room devoted to a float pool,” says Thibodeau, a massage therapist and occupational therapy practitioner. “It’s soundproof and lightproof, and it has an infrared heater above. Since it’s a private room, there’s no need for a lid to close.”

During a 60-minute float session, the brain naturally shifts into the theta wave state, similar to the relaxed state just before sleep and during deep meditation. “Floating can decrease anxiety and depression, improve sleep, lower stress, relieve physical pain, enhance creativity and reduce PTSD,” says Thibodeau.

World class athletes, including basketball’s Atlanta Hawks, football’s New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams use flotation therapy. They find it helps to accelerate recovery, increase mental clarity and improve players’ concentration. Expecting mothers also enjoy floating for pain relief and report experiencing deep emotional connections with their babies.

Float Atlanta is located at 111 Clairemont Avenue in downtown Decatur, next to the Decatur Visitors Center. For more information, call 404-844-7070 or visit

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