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Awake is my New Normal

Feb 28, 2020 09:30AM ● By Chrystopher Hancock
From a very young age, I’ve had an innate knowing that there was more to the universe beyond what I was experiencing with my five senses. I didn’t resonate with any religion but felt drawn to magic, mediums and nature. In my adolescence, I had experiences that were anything but normal, from electrical phenomena to psychic readers telling me I had psychic abilities—which I refused to believe. I was naturally drawn to healthy living and metaphysics, but I never understood why.

At the same time, I considered myself to be a science-minded person, but certain ideologies simply did not fit into my scientific framework. A variety of experiences in my life, including a turbulent relationship, transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and some wild and even bad mushroom trips, acted as catalysts for spiritual growth and chakra openings—which I did not believe in at the time, either.

It wasn’t until three months after my 27th birthday in 2018—as predicted by a psychic years before—that I had an ascension “upgrade,” also known as “kundalini rising.” As I was completing a task at work, I felt my heart suddenly drop and my body start to vibrate, and I began to panic. While I wasn’t hyperventilating, and there didn’t seem to be anything on my mind causing the anxiety, I knew something wasn’t right. For weeks after that, I didn’t sleep. I remained in a state of anxiety and hysteria, wavering from worry to panic all day every day.

The top of my head and the center of my forehead felt as if they were caving in. I felt dissociated, had sudden suicidal ideations. Parts of my body would move on their own, especially when I was trying to go to sleep. I’d get jerked out of bed, which would prevent me from falling into any kind of repose. I began to see sparkles of light in my vision and many other unusual effects.

After spending $400 on herbal supplements, seeing a therapist, seeing a medium and getting bloodwork done (everything came back normal), I was referred to an energy healer, and, without hesitation, I went. When the session was over, I did not feel the panicky pain in my solar plexus anymore, and I was finally able to sleep again. She told me that I’m an empath and that it was time that I “owned this gift.” All I remember is feeling more lost than I had ever felt in my entire life.

I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams what would happen next. Just a few months later, I moved to Atlanta on a whim, and since then I have had incredible experiences with more upgrades, the ability to see orbs, prana and auras, intense psychic abilities, prophetic dreams, insane synchronicities, and many more such symptoms of ascension. I now know why they call it “spiritual awakening”—it’s because you actually become aware of your connection to all that is, in unexplainable ways, and you wake up to your own divine potential.

Once I knew I was awake, I began to feel love for plants and animals and stars in ways that mere physical words can’t express. My ability to feel what others are feeling is so strong it’s overwhelming, but I can now accept my highly sensitive abilities and own the idea of loving myself unconditionally. And even though I am still just beginning my ascension journey, I am drawn to helping others who are experiencing it. I want to encourage them to consider the possibility that nothing is wrong with them because I am them and they are me.

I can no longer deny my multidimensional beingness; I know in my heart that this is an experience that my soul came here to have. This is the time of great awakening, and, as often as I want to go back to sleep, I now know that you cannot un-expand a consciousness. Awake is my new normal.

Chrystopher Hancock is an area sales manager by day and a student of metaphysics by night. He is an empath and intuitive and helps others with their own awakening process. Contact him at [email protected].

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