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Homesteading Design Services Launched by Yogardener


Yogardener, an Atlanta landscaping company helmed by Everarde Calk, now offers homestead design, planning, and installation services. Homesteading emphasizes self-reliance and focuses on the use of regenerative and closed-loop systems to minimize effort and maximize “hammock time.”

An initial consultation is free. Rates vary depending on the scope of the work engaged.

Yogardener has been providing eco-friendly landscaping services in Atlanta since 2015. Founder Calk has more than 10 years’ experience in the horticultural industry and has built a unique portfolio of beautiful gardens with positive social impact.

Assisting people in taking “their self-reliance game to the next level,” Yogardener helps with any combination of composting, rainwater harvesting, perennial fruit and vegetable polyculture, annual raised vegetable beds, native and pollinator-friendly gardens, raising chickens, installing solar panels and managing runoff and erosion.

“With many of us growing weary of the repetitive nature of quarantining within a chaotic and seemingly unclear world, there is ample opportunity to expand our conservation efforts within the home,” says Calk. “In permaculture design, we refer to this sphere of influence as ‘Zone 0’—the home. If you want to take responsibility for the ecological stewardship of your home, now is the time!”

Yogardener is located at 1226 Zonolite Road NE in Atlanta. For more information, visit or contact Everarde at [email protected] or 404-623-2287.

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