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Energy Healing Specialists Amplify Impact of Pranic Healing

The Energy Healing Specialists, a group of six pranic healers from around the U.S. and Canada, recently launched their business and services at

“We are a group of pranic healing professionals that specialize in powerful, on-going energy healing support for people experiencing major health ailments,” says Atlanta-based life coach and full-time pranic healer, Dawn Myers. “We can still support each other even from a distance!”

The six healers originally convened to help heal people with COVID-19. As they witnessed the amplified power of healing together as a group, they were inspired to offer a variety of services to help people move through major issues in their lives. They work on a variety of concerns, including serious injuries, chronic illness, addictions, stress and burnout, depression and anxiety, addictions and more. Their work is recommended to help accelerate recovery, optimize physical performance, enhance mental faculties and more.

In addition to Myers, the other pranic energy healers include Liz Mangum in Atlanta, Ana Myers in New York, Gabrielle Swisher in the San Francisco Bay Area and Cynthia Holland and Andree Leclerc in Canada.

The group offers a free initial consultation as well as a selection of healing packages based on individual needs. In addition to the focused healing sessions, the packages include consultation session, comprehensive health interview and session feedback.

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