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Natural Awakenings Atlanta

The Natural Awakenings Directory of Atlanta Wellness Spas

Dec 02, 2021 06:00AM ● By Staff
As a response to reader input, we’ve compiled a directory of wellness spas for this issue. In a survey earlier this year, requests for more information on wellness spas ranked fourth out of 20 topics we listed. Additionally, the last resource directory we published—on community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs in April 2020—has become the sixth most-read article on our website since its publication. Clearly, directories are popular offerings!

Since there are tons of “spas” in the metro area, we were challenged to come up with a way to limit the number of spas eligible for inclusion. By far, massage and facials are the most common health-oriented services offered in spas. Since Natural Awakenings is all about natural healing, we set a criteria that the facility must offer at least three wellness therapies other than massage and facials. We excluded services traditionally offered by doctors, such as chiropractic and acupuncture, as well as services we considered to be solely cosmetic in nature. 

Among acceptable therapies were colon hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, detoxifying wraps, ear candling, energy healing, exfoliating scrubs, float tanks, ionic foot detox, reflexology, salt caves, saunas (including infrared) and vaginal steam.  

Note that the listings that follow contain a range of business settings. The directory is focused on wellness therapies offered; ambiance was not a criteria. Therefore, while some environments meet the mainstream perception of “spa,” others more closely resemble typical office settings. 

Finally, note that the letter or number in front of each listing indicates the spa’s location on one of two maps. The maps are accessible in the gallery at the end of the listings. Spa listings that are preceded with a letter appear on the ITP-ish map and spas that are preceded by a number appear on the North Metro Atlanta map. ❧


3  A Mindful Movement 

Therapies: Ayurvedic therapies including abhyanga and shirodhara; cryotherapy, float tank, hyperbaric chamber, infrared sauna, sound healing

12030 Etris Rd. #C200 | Roswell


Therapies: Abhyanga, akshi tarpana, kati basti, potli, shirodara, swedana, udwartana

5354 McGinnis Ferry Rd. STR 218 | Alpharetta


Therapies: Lymphatic drainage, massage, neuromuscular therapy, reflexology

855 Peachtree St. NE | Atlanta


Therapies: Body wraps, colon hydrotherapy, facials, infrared sauna, ionic foot detox, lymphatic drainage, massage, vaginal steam

10305 Medlock Bridge Rd.| Duluth


Therapies: Biomagnetic therapy, colon hydrotherapy, ear candling, ionic foot detox, infrared sauna, reflexology, vaginal steam

275 Carpenter Dr. #202 | Sandy Springs


Therapies: BioMat, ionic foot detox, massage, reflexology, vaginal steam

1099 Boulevard SE | Atlanta



Therapies: Float therapy, infrared sauna, ionic foot detox, massage

427 Moreland Ave. NE, #800 | Atlanta


Therapies: BioMat, infrared sauna, negative ion therapy, reiki, salt cave

7830 Hwy. 92 | Woodstock


Therapies: Aromatherapy, craniosacral therapy, energy healing, massage, reflexology

270 Carpenter Dr. NE, Unit 500 | Sandy Springs


Therapies: Aromatherapy, colon hydrotherapy, energy healing, facials, ionic foot detox, hyperbaric chamber, hip baths, massage, reflexology

1040 Grant St. SE, #200 | Atlanta


Therapies: Cryotherapy, float therapy, ionic foot detox, oxygen therapy, massage

32 Johnson Rd. | Braselton


Therapies: Infrared sauna, meditation/sound healing therapy, salt cave

563 Memorial Dr. SE, Unit CU | Atlanta


Therapies: Body exfoliation, hip bath, massage, reflexology, saunas

3555 Gwinnett Pl. Dr. NW | Duluth


Therapies: Cupping, facials, massage, reflexology, reiki

1253, 109 Caroline St. NE, #E110 | Atlanta


Therapies: Body exfoliation, facials, hand and foot treatments, massage

  225 E Ponce de Leon Ave. #150 | Decatur

K  2385 Peachtree Rd. A3A | Atlanta

L  1402 North Highland Ave. NE, #1 | Atlanta

M  1432 Dresden Dr. #300 | Atlanta

1 3625 Dallas Hwy. #605 |Marietta

5  275 Commerce St. | Atlanta

Therapies: Ear candling, ionic foot detox, massage, reiki, sauna, vaginal steam

3079 Campbellton Rd. SW, #106 | Atlanta


10  Spa Land

Therapies: Body exfoliation, facials, massage, reflexology, saunas

2645 N Berkeley Lake Rd. NW, Bldg. C | Duluth


Therapies: BioMat, colon hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, ear candling, ionic foot detox, infrared sauna, vaginal steam

3045 Washington Rd. | East Point


Therapies: Chakra tune up, chi nei tsang, crystal therapy, facials, ionic foot detox, herbal bath, massage, reiki, sound healing, vaginal steam, womb smudging

770 Old Roswell Pl. | Roswell


Therapies: Colon hydrotherapy, facials, ionic foot detox, massage, reiki, vaginal steam

879 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. SW | Atlanta


Therapies: Body wraps, ear candling, facials, ionic foot detox, infrared sauna, massage

2298 Brockett Rd. | Tucker


Therapies: Body wraps, facials, massage, reflexology, shirodhara

6  7150 Avalon Blvd. | Alpharetta

Q  4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd. NE #1805 | Atlanta

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