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Give Yourself Permission to Explore

Jul 01, 2022 06:00AM ● By Diane Eaton
It’s summer! Time to explore!

After two and a half years of virtual hibernation and shutdowns, this summer beckons us with an abundance of opportunities to shake off lethargy and laziness, wake up our senses, kick through the walls of our familiar comfort zones, and venture into new territories. In all sorts of ways!

Consider your food-buying habits, for example. Is it time to unearth old patterns and plant new ones for how you get your food needs met? You’ll learn in “Healthy Food Movement” on page 16 that the food-delivery landscape has changed a lot over the past couple of years. Many “innovative solutions are [now] being pursued by e-commerce entrepreneurs and food-equity advocates to get healthier local food” into our homes.

It's definitely happening right here in Atlanta. Take a look at our May issue’s directory of 36 Atlanta-area farmer’s markets in print or online and see what’s new and better than ever! 

Or, if you’re looking for something to elevate your yoga practice, try aerial yoga! In “Defying Gravity,” on page 30, our yoga editor, Mila Burgess, tells us how and why these popular classes literally bring a third dimension to the yoga experience. I’ve taken these classes and found them invigorating, joyful and surprisingly doable. Check it out!

Or maybe it’s time to consider new, healthier options to use in caring for your skin. “That Radiant Glow” on page 23, reveals the risks of using chemical-laden personal care products and the genuine advantages of switching to natural.

How about expanding your culinary palate and discovering the surprising beauty and flavor that flowers can bring to your meals? See “Flower Power” on page 13.

Is it time to try a new meditation practice? A new holistic healer? Time for some life coaching or energy work? Journey through our articles, discover new products and services and give yourself permission to explore! ❧

Diane Eaton is the managing editor of Natural Awakenings and editor, ghostwriter and writing coach at Diane the Writing Doctor.
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