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Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

Jul 01, 2022 06:00AM ● By Rachael Oppy

Yield: 18 servings

18 4-inch bamboo knot picks
9 strawberries, cut in half
6 oz cantaloupe, cut into balls or ½-inch cubes
1 banana, cut into half-moons
2 kiwis, cut into half-moons
18 blueberries
18 purple grapes

Prepare fruit for kabobs. Cut strawberries in half. Cut cantaloupe into ½-inch cubes or use a melon baller to make balls. Cut bananas and kiwis into half-moons. Leave blueberries and grapes whole.

Thread fruit pieces onto bamboo knot picks, placing fruit in the rainbow order of color: strawberries, cantaloupe, bananas, kiwis, blueberries and purple grapes. Skewer the grape last, so that it can be used to cover the pointy end of the stick. Put one piece of each fruit on each skewer. Arrange the fruit kabobs decoratively on a serving platter.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Taste Buds Kitchen.

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