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Sweet Georgia Pam Launches Hidden Meaning of Dreams Podcast

Oct 01, 2022 06:00AM ● By Staff

Pam Muller

Atlanta-based dream expert and author Pam Muller, aka Sweet Georgia Pam, has launched her podcast “Hidden Meaning of Dreams.” 

“You will learn so much in this podcast about how to interpret your dreams and how to discover the hidden guidance within them, waiting for you to understand them,” says Muller.

New episodes are released every Tuesday and Thursday and are available on most podcast platforms or at Muller says that while so many use a dream dictionary or Google to learn what their dreams mean, her podcast offers a different take. In it, she unpacks individual dreams, decoding potential messages within the symbolism of the dream.

If listeners subscribe to the show, they can submit dreams for possible interpretation on the podcast. Plans are in the works to discuss dreams with live callers.

Atlanta media personality Melissa Carter hosts the podcast. “I think Sweet Georgia Pam is a star.  She was a regular guest on my show on B98.5 years ago, and now I am excited to host her podcast.”

Author of 33 Ways to Work with your Dreams, Sweet Georgia Pam is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and is on the board of directors of Zeitgeist, a non-profit organization offering education, practice and spiritual community in Atlanta.
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