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My Inspiration Studio Offers Self-Guided Journaling Experiences

Jan 01, 2023 06:00AM ● By Staff

Celebration of You (Photo: Aarti Desai)

My Inspiration Studio has launched a new collection called “Self-Guided Experiences”—journaling experiences to help nourish and enhance one’s well-being. 

The Self-Guided Experiences were created by personal growth practitioner, certified coach and journal artist, Jonetta Moyo. Each experience includes a handcrafted journal and other support tools along with a variety of modalities including breathwork, aromatherapy, meditation and hand reflexology. An inspiration guide is provided, which includes prompts, ideas and experiential activities to encourage a meaningful journaling ritual. Links to audio and video recordings are also included to guide one through reflexology and breathing techniques to help one center and ground.

“Journaling has so many emotional, mental and even physical benefits,” says Moyo. “I am so excited to share an easy-to-use and engaging tool that can provide support for personal development, well-being and self-awareness. These experiences help you nurture well-being, navigate life’s changes and challenges, and strengthen self-awareness so that your truest most authentic self can shine through.”

Self-Guided Experiences include “Celebration of Me,” “It’s My Birthday,” “Night Owl,” “Care,” “Comfort and Contemplation,” “Gratitude” and “Light of Love,” a form of bereavement support.

My Inspiration Studio’s Self-Guided Experiences are now available at Boxes range from $52 to $115. In-studio shopping and product pickups are available by appointment only. The studio is located at 218 Laredo Dr, Suite B, in Decatur.

For more information, visit, email Jonetta at [email protected] or call 404-671-9516.
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