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Tammy Billups on Soul Healing with our Animal Companions

Mar 01, 2023 06:00AM ● By Paul Chen and Diane Eaton
Tammy Billups of Woodstock, Georgia, is an energy healer, author and pioneer in animal-human relationships. She is the creator of Tandem Healings, an energy healing modality that helps humans and their animals release emotional, energetic and physical issues—often ones that they have in common. Billups just released her third book on the subject, Animal Wayshowers: The Lightworkers Ushering in 5D Consciousness, which prompted us to catch up with her to chat about all that she’s learned about animal-human relationships. Her two previous books have won awards, resulting in dozens of appearances on podcasts and radio and TV shows.    

As an energy healer, you mostly worked on people when you started out. How did you start working on animals?

When I was in the middle of my four-year training [working on people], I started to wonder how this would work on animals because I’d always allow animals to get all up in my heart. I started working on some of my friends’ animals, and it was amazing. In fact, it worked faster, and [sessions] were more productive. And I found that when I tuned into the animal’s energy field, I saw patterns of protection around certain emotional wounds, and if I tuned into their person for just a nanosecond, I would see the same pattern of protection in that person. Every single time. And that fascinated me. So I wondered, what if we start healing together? What if we came [to the planet] together to heal the same wounds? Before, I worked with people. Now I’m working with people through their animals.

Do you have to work on the same issue in both of them for it to work?

That’s my intention. When I did case studies, I told them up front that the energy would go to the contracts for how your souls came together to heal. Because I would work on the animals, and they would get so much better, but if their person wasn’t working on their corresponding issue, then the animal would sometimes revert because the energy would still be alive. So I started working on them in tandem. So, to answer your question, in every instance, the energy is designed to go to whatever it is—betrayal, abandonment, invasiveness, terror—that you came in together to work on.

What are the three most common issues people have with the pets they bring to you?

The first one is a reactor animal, one that’s negatively reacting to other people or animals. That’s a very frustrating situation, and they’re trying anything to get it fixed. The second is an animal with an inappropriate behavior, such as some type of inappropriate urination issue. And the third [is about] helping [the animal] heal something physically, especially in the last years of its life. Or maybe there’s some type of physical ailment, and maybe the doctors haven’t identified what it is, and they’re looking to help their animal heal and feel better. 

Is there one issue you have more success with than the others?

I’m more successful treating these things when the people are ready to take the journey with their animal and release their fears about whatever is going on. 

Are there any issues people have that aren’t particularly conducive to energy healing?

No. Because we’re all energetic beings first. Especially with animals, the energy sessions help them move forward in their highest and best—whatever their path is.

Have any situations surprised you?

There are all kinds of weird scenarios that happen with our animals that we think are just about them—but it’s never just about them. When [one of my clients] started to leave the house, her dog would lie on the ground, not able to move, not able to walk or use her legs. [The woman] dropped everything and took it to the vet, and the vet said, “I don’t see anything.” Back home from the vet, the dog would be running again. So after about the third time, she started connecting the dots. [The dog only behaved that way when she was] ready to walk out the door to find a new apartment and move forward with a divorce. 

Animals will do things like this for us. This was years ago, and the couple is still together today. They now attribute saving their marriage to their dog because they decided to work things through. All kinds of weird scenarios like that happen with your animals. They’re always relaying some sort of message for us.

Can you share one of the stories in Animal Wayshowers about how an animal helped their human evolve?

There are so many transformational stories that I could draw from, but I’ll tell you about Elaine and her horse, Maverick.

Elaine was born into a household where she was the quiet little child that nobody had time for. Her parents got divorced when she was two. Both of her parents went into relationships again pretty quickly, but her father’s new partner became the mother figure [but then] died when Elaine was eight. Elaine had to spend more time with her mum, who put her in the care of someone who sexually abused her. 

But the saving grace was all of her childhood was about horses. She read every book, insisted on riding lessons; she was obsessed with horses. When she was 13, her father [took her to an auction], and that first meeting was really a tale of two souls reuniting. Maverick had always been left in a field by himself, so there was a mirroring background component where neither one was really wanted. And as soon as they saw each other, Maverick walked up to her and sniffed her, and then he started running around her like a peacock, showing off his feathers. 

When he came back to her, he leaned in and just gave her a big slurp. It was the first time in her life that she felt like somebody looked at her and said, “I see you. I love you. You matter.”

And she had a lot of anger from her past that came out as a teenager. Sometimes she would redirect it onto Maverick, and he would just lean into it. He had this ability to hold a transformational healing presence—no matter what emotion she had flying out of her, he would lean in like, “It’s okay, Grasshopper.” Maverick and Elaine went on to serve many hundreds of people. They helped many, many children experience this beautiful gift that horses can bring.

Clients often ask for your help when their animals are transitioning. How do you help during those most difficult times? 

When you start working with animals, you quickly realize you’re going to be dealing with death a lot. I look at it as a gift I can give of holding sacred space for people and their animals so they can see the gifts and beauty in this experience. [This way] they can have less fear around the impending passing of their animal and then hold space in tribute and gratitude to this animal for all that they have done for their person.

So to me, it’s about coaching them, being there for them, helping the animals release what they need to so they can transition more easily. The soul leaves through the top of the head, the crown chakra. And when we’re able to kind of clean up the cords we have with the people we’re leaving and clear any emotional wounding or anything we’re carrying for anyone else—and animals carry a lot for their people—that will help them to transition more easily.

Is there anything else you want to share from your experiences working with animals? 

I think one of the bigger messages from the animal kingdom—and especially domesticated animals and those you share your lives and heart and home with—is for you to look in the mirror and see what they see: a divine, beautiful, blessed person. The way they look at you, knowing the true you and loving all parts of you, they want you to do that for yourself. And that is one of the gifts and ways that you can honor your animal companions. ❧

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