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Center for Brain Training Opens in Sandy Springs

May 01, 2024 06:00AM ● By Staff

Malkie Citrin

Malkie Citrin, owner of Center for Brain Training, is now offering NeurOptimal, a neurofeedback-based brain-training system that is helping people of all ages improve the function of their brains.

“My son had a complicated medical history that left him struggling in school,” says Citrin. “Watching his reading and cognition skills take a huge leap has been incredible. Having that happen through a therapy that is so pleasant to use and doesn’t involve a power struggle has been even more incredible! Our brains are incredible machines. And I’m so grateful for this technology that allows us to tap into that potential. This program has been a real gift to us, and I want to share it with others. “

NeurOptimal is safe, effective and easy to use for all ages, and no evaluations or exercises are required. Sensors are attached to the head and ears, and the client listens to music. The system processes the brain signals very rapidly, and when it detects an “instability,” it pauses the audio, giving the brain feedback.

“The brain is the Grand Central Station of our bodies; it controls everything, so getting it functioning properly can potentially help everything,” says Citrin. She has seen a variety of meaningful improvements in herself and others, including better executive functioning, calming of a busy mind, reduction of heart palpitations and clearing up of lifelong symptoms of eczema.

Price: Individual sessions are $45 for children and $55 for adults. A package of 10 sessions costs $400 for kids and $500 for adults. Center for Brain Training is located in Sandy Springs, just inside the Perimeter. Call 404-435-2222 or email Malkie at [email protected] to make an appointment.
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