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Natural Awakenings Atlanta

Bill Flanigan


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Energy work is an all inclusive term, that is a form of alternative medicine, that relies on the idea that the body is filled with and surrounded by fields of energy that can encourage the body to heal itself. Some examples of energy work are: Qi Gong, Vibrational Medicine, Prayer, Reiki, Crystals, and Light.

After experiencing trauma and injustice in 2013, Bill realized that it had began a “spiritual shift” inside of him and something other than Reiki began to be channeled. He drops down into a full trance and experiences flow, magnetism, electrical charge, barometric pressure changes, and at times, his lungs are controlled by "another source" and has involuntary body movements. Most treatments are done in complete silence with hands on the client's shoulders only.

In the past, clients have reported significant physical healing, after one treatment, such as: relocated joints(while sleeping), surgery avoidance, platelets normalized, and knees and shoulders healed, to name a few. Reported emotional healing include: panic attacks, worry, insomnia, childhood trauma healed and forgiven, grief, anxiety, hopelessness, and depression. Clients have also reported having spiritual experiences such as: being able to communicate with loved ones that have passed, out of body experiences, observing and/or experiencing their past lives, communicating with and receiving healing from spiritual Orbs that are reportedly in the room. It is estimated that these types of spiritual experiences happen about 10% of the time so, obviously, can not be guaranteed. Clients report that these spiritual experiences happen only because they have given their permission to the Spirit World and are usually very adamant that these experiences were authentic and not their "imagination".

There is no need to have any certain type of belief, it simply works. The only thing required, is the willingness to open up and be receptive, and to at least believe that it is at least possible for healing to come from another dimension.

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