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Natural Awakenings Atlanta

Conscious Aging Workshop for Women Over 60

A workshop for senior women interested in living mindfully and aging consciously.

Our later years bring us to a unique chapter in this sacred journey of life; a time when we are given both opportunities and challenges that we haven’t known before.  As we face the ever-changing realities of our dear aging bodies, we are also drawn to deepen our spiritual lives, to turn our attention inward and slow down into our kinder, wiser selves. Aging offers us a time for intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth. We are getting better at accepting change. We are learning to let go and allow the grief that cannot be avoided. Yet, we are also enjoying a new sense of freedom as we leave behind earlier roles and definitions and claim and celebrate our authentic, older selves. This workshop series offers a roadmap for finding our way through this new landscape.

Date & Time

Weekly on Monday

Jan 30, 2023 through Mar 27, 2023

2:00PM - 3:30PM

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Virtual Event

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$129, $199

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