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Natural Awakenings Atlanta

Shadow-Work Worshop

Shadow work is a transformative and introspective journey that delves into the unconscious and often hidden aspects of ourselves.

By exploring the shadow individuals can gain self-awareness, healing, and personal growth leading to a more balanced authentic life. This course aims to guide participants in understanding, confronting, and integrating their shadow selves. The Shadow consist of repressed emotions, desires, fears, and unresolved issues experience through childhood or during adolescences.
Optional : $15 per class or Full Course $75
Duration per class 2 hour-Every Tuesday & Thursday
  •  Week-1 :Introduction to Shadow
  •  Week-2: Confronting the Shadow
  • Week-3: Integrating Your Shadow
  • Week-4: Applying Shadow-Work in Everyday Life

Date & Time

Weekly on Tuesday and Thursday

Sep 05, 2023 through Sep 29, 2023

7:00PM - 9:00PM

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$15 per class

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