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Yoga Sutras Training

Patanjali Yoga sutras are one of the most profound expositions on yoga. Yoga coming from the root ‘yuj” (to yoke or unite) is a term used in the spiritual sense to unite with the Ultimate Conscious principle. Sutras (literally meaning thread) are short, cryptic aphorisms that tie a theme together.

Yoga Sutras tie together the goal of yoga; what it means to reach the Ultimate, the means; practices to follow, obstacles to be overcome, as well as powers; benefits that can be achieved on the journey if done right – all woven thru beautiful metaphors yet in a precise, logical expression.

They are therefore not a mere philosophy – but a compilation of revelations of great masters in their heights of meditation as well as time tested practices, research; experiences gained in their journey to Ultimate bliss.

For all of us today, even a glimpse into this profound, timeless yet practical wisdom serves as guiding light to steer ourselves out of our own weaknesses that limit us from our true expression, worth & being. It is an absolute joy to explore this text not only for yoga teachers but also for other seekers looking for a deeper, holistic connection & meaning to yoga.

The aim of this course is to give an insight into the sutras, provide a better understanding of the key concepts and gaining clarity on making it more relatable in everyday life.

This training counts for 1 required module in the RYS300 Program and for 15 Continuing Education Hours with Yoga Alliance. Certification is given at completion of the course.

Session 1 – Feb 23 rd , Fri 7-9 pm Overview of sutras Tenets of Sankhya Philosophy

Session 2 – Feb 24 th , Sat 9 am -12 pm Samadhi Pada – Exploring the various aspects & stages of “Samadhi” (yogic concentration) Guided meditation.

Session 3 – Feb 24 th , Sat 1-3:30 pm Sadhana Pada – understanding the principles & exploring the practices (sadhanas) to attune oneself to the Higher Group Activity

Session 4 – Feb 25 th , Sun 9 -11:30 am Vibhooti pada – Understanding the science behind the powers (siddhis) that can be attained on the journey, the pros & cons related Introspective meditation

Session 5 – Feb 26 th , Sun 12:30 – 3:30 pm Kaivalya Pada – Exploring & understanding the aspects related to the Ultimate state Closing discussions & handing of certificates

Date & Time

Weekly on Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Feb 23, 2024 through Feb 26, 2024

7:00PM - 9:00PM


Aum Studio For Wellness - 11550 Webb Bridge Way, Suite B2, Alpharetta, GA, 30005 11550 Webb Bridge Way, Suite B2 Alpharetta 30005 GA US

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$299/early bird, $315

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