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Cann Dentistry: A Legacy of Care Continues

Dr. Roberta Cann and Dr. Cale Jackson. (Photo: Emily Jackson)

by Noah Chen

At the offices of Cann Dentistry, one finds a history of top-tier dental work and a warm team of dentists who take pride in the individualized care of their patients. Dr. Roberta Cann took over the dentistry, originally founded by her father, James Cann, in the early 1990s.

“From the time I was 12, I’d spend time at the dental office, file charts or X-rays, or do whatever could be helpful,” she recalls. “And it was very exciting for me when they decided I was old enough to enter the treatment room and learn to be a dental assistant—I could be where the fun was.”

Just as important to her as inheriting her father’s passion for dentistry was inheriting his warmth. She describes him as having been “the kindest, most gentle person ever.” Kindness has remained a hallmark of Cann Dentistry, as made evident by many long-term customers who have sought dental services there since it was founded.

That legacy of customer care continues, now in the hands of Dr. Cale Jackson, who assumed ownership of the dentistry last October. Cann will continue to practice for several years, but will also step back a bit and spend more time with her family; she was convinced Dr. Jackson would continue the practice’s patient-centered mission after their first meeting. 

“It makes me super-grateful that my philosophies of taking care of patients will continue on after me,” she says. Cann’s approach includes a dedication to biological dentistry and dental care’s impact on holistic health. Examples include educating clients about the connection between gum disease and heart problems and taking extreme care when handling toxic materials, such as removing mercury fillings from patients.

Like Cann, Jackson has a history of dentistry reaching back to his youth when he worked in an orthodontic lab through high school. Dr. Jackson is excited to own a dentistry practice that has a reputation for taking top-notch care of its clients.

“A lot of our patients have a very long history with our practice. They’ve been seeing us for so long that their chart is 30 pages thick,” says Jackson. “We take notes every single visit, and we make sure we know what’s important to the patient.”

Their approach contrasts with those of practices where Dr. Jackson has worked previously: “Corporate dental practices want you to do as much as you can, produce as much money as you can. Here it’s all about taking care of your patient and having enough time during the day to speak to your patients and get to know them as people.”

This familiarity not only makes the patients more comfortable; it helps the doctors tailor their services to each client by avoiding obscure allergies and products with which the patients are uncomfortable.

As part of the purchase agreement, Cann is staying on board to help Jackson get acquainted with their patients and learn more about her philosophy and practice of biological dentistry. He also enjoys working with her. “In a word,” says Jackson, “she’s wonderful.” She’ll remain with the practice for years to come, albeit in a way that affords her more free time.

Jackson brings with him a wide skill set that enables Cann Dentistry to offer new services such as veneers and full mouth rehabilitation. And while the office has provided surgeries and aesthetic procedures in the past, Jackson will “bring new energy and focus” to them and do them more frequently, according to Dr. Cann.

A self-proclaimed science nerd, Jackson also brings with him a deep understanding of the science behind dentistry. Still, despite his love of science, his favorite moments as Cann Dentistry’s new owner have been getting to know all the staff and patients. This, more than anything, seems to indicate that the legacy of quality service and individualized care remains a priority at Cann Dentistry, even as it changes its name to Atlanta Dental Wellness.

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