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JOYVIAL Hosts Online Joy Day

JOYVIAL, an online network of professional health coaches, is inviting the Atlanta community to spread joy in others for Joy Day, an online, virtual event on Friday, October 2. On that day, the organization is asking people to make a special effort to focus on how they can uplift others and help them feel appreciated, seen, heard, valued and loved.

“We know many people are in a slump right now, and their negative thought patterns can create a downward spiral of emotions and habits,” says Hanni Berger, JOYVIAL founder and CEO. “Our goal with Joy Day is to help people refocus and realize that where their attention goes is also where their energy flows. If we can focus on being joyful, we can begin to create new habits and patterns to reinforce and create more joy in our lives.”

JOYVIAL suggests several ways to boost joy in others on Joy Day, including telling, texting or writing someone that they matter, giving a compliment to a coworker, speaking highly of someone when they’re not there and telling someone three things you couldn’t do without them.

“Joy is something that can be created,” says Berger. “Most people wait for someone or something to bring them joy. We’re hosting Joy Day to showcase that we can either find joy in things that already exist or create joy on our own.”

For more information, visit or call 1-866-JOYVIAL.
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