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Independent Wellness Offers Independent Preventive Care

Apr 01, 2021 08:30AM ● By Paul Chen
Helping to bring independent preventive care to the elderly and those with long-term chronic conditions, Independent Wellness Group (IWG), a subsidiary of Visiting Nurse Private Home Care, recently launched its professional home health care monitoring services.

The company offers around-the-clock home monitoring services, also known as “remote patient monitoring” (RPM). Using company-installed equipment, IWG monitors vital signs and sends medication reminders. Licensed nurses communicate directly with the treating physician.

IWG also partners with a lab group to offer pharmacogenomic testing—the study of how someone’s genetics respond to a drug—to help identify the medications that the patient will respond to best.

After the initial deductible of $148, Medicare covers all remote patient monitoring costs, minus the standard co-pay, making it easier for people to receive remote monitoring services.  

“The incredible vulnerability of our elderly communities and chronically ill patients—diabetic, cardiovascular and others—has been eye-opening during this time of pandemic, when preventive care has been impeded,” says Sia Checketts, COO of the company.

“Daily monitoring is an unsurpassed way to take control of one’s health independently while still keeping the doctor updated about one’s condition and any clinical or lifestyle changes that need to be addressed,” says Checketts.

For more information, visit, call  800-422-2346 or email [email protected]

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