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SoundEmbrace Offers Sound Healing Anytime

Jun 01, 2021 06:00AM ● By Staff

Danielle Hall of SoundEmbrace (Photo: Paul McPherson Jr)

SoundEmbrace, an Atlanta-based sound healing company, has announced the immediate availability of high-quality sound healing recordings through the Mighty Network app.

Membership is free, and users can access a number of sound sessions for free, but for unlimited access to SoundEmbrace’s entire and growing library, a paid membership is required. The cost is $22 a month or $200 a year paid upfront.

“I wanted to make sound healing accessible for everyone,” says Danielle Hall, founder of SoundEmbrace. “I realized the one-on-one sessions and group sound bath gatherings were not enough for my clients and were limited by my availability.”

Hall has recorded dozens of sound sessions and grouped them into four categories: Reduce Stress, Sleep Better, Increase Energy and Balance Chakras. Within each category, sessions are offered in lengths of two minutes, 10 minutes and 30 minutes.

To create sessions that address the four goals, Hall manipulates three variables: tonal frequency, beats per minute and instruments played. She recorded all sound sessions in a professional studio.

“I used an experienced engineer who knows the mechanics behind recording high vibrational instruments that produce a wide range of harmonics,” says Hall. “This is important because customers will feel as though they’re experiencing a live sound bath as they feel the vibrations from the instruments during their session.” ❧

To become a member of SoundEmbrace’s network, visit

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