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Yoga Thrives in Atlanta – A Special Section

Sep 03, 2021 06:00AM ● By Paul Chen

Elsie Brotherton and Graham Fowler (Photo: 2TPhoto)

Early Roots of Atlanta’s Passion for Yoga

William Huffschmidt 

(Photo: Jason Dennard)

Twenty-five years ago, Atlanta yoga was in its infancy. It was just a handful of dedicated, curious and passionate seekers who traveled around the country and brought the knowledge they gained back to Atlanta. They taught classes wherever they could and have since shared their expertise with thousands of Atlantans over the years. We spoke to three teachers who have contributed to the evolution of yoga in Atlanta since its early years.

Multi-Studio Owners Expand Yoga’s Presence

Lori Denton (Photo: Barbie Margolies)

Even in this era of unprecedented challenge and competition, three tenacious Atlanta studio owners have sustained multiple studios and broadened their reach. Elspeth Brotherton, Ahoo Sarab and Lori Denton influence thousands of yoga practitioners throughout the metro area, employ dozens of teachers and juggle the demands of entrepreneurship with the kind of equanimity that comes from years of personal yoga practice.

Yoga’s Future: Embracing Restore And Recover

Embracing one of the foundational tenets of yoga—that change is inevitable—many yoga teachers and studio owners have been forced to adapt and change in response to the pandemic and other cultural imperatives of our time. Our writer spoke with Lauren Reese and Dr. Tiffany D. Johnson, two Atlanta yogis who, while coming from different perspectives, both emphasize the restoration and recovery side of yoga.

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