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Black & Natural – A Special Section

Jun 01, 2022 06:00AM ● By Paul Chen

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From the big afros of activists like Angela Davis during the Black Power Movement of the 1970s to the dreadlocks popularized by Bob Marley in the ‘80s, natural hair for Black people can make a powerful statement. But is natural hair about more than activism, cultural pride or fashion? Does it also make a difference to one’s health?

We've done a three-article deep dive into the topic! What follows are links to those articles. The fourth and last link is to editor Trish Ahjel Roberts' reflections on her own hair experience.


Why the Black and Natural Hair Movement is Good for Your Health

Why the Black and Natural Hair Movement is Good for Your Health

In a 2018 study of Black hair-care products by the Silent Springs Institute, it was discovered that 80 percent of the 18 products tested contained high levels of chemicals that affect the... Read More » 

The Impact of Hair Shaming

The Impact of Hair Shaming

In 2016, a federal appeals court ruled that banning employees from wearing their hair in dreadlocks is legal based on a discrimination lawsuit brought by Chastity Jones in Alabama. Read More » 

Curls and Coils Diet for Healthy Natural Hair

Curls and Coils: Diet for Healthy, Natural Hair

“Shiny foods—like apples, oranges, plums, cherries,” she says. “Beets are also excellent.” Beets are helpful for hair health for a multitude of reasons. Silica aside, they are also full o... Read More » 

From Dark and Lovely to Happy and Nappy

From Dark and Lovely to Happy and Nappy

By high school, I was buying my own “Dark and Lovely” kits and hair color at the pharmacy. I bleached a blonde streak in my hair and watched it crumble and fall out. I quickly learned ble... Read More » 

We've produced two previous special sections on African American issues. What follows are the links to landing pages of those special sections. 

pConcept by Angelo Roland Execution by Paul Marquardt photo by Sonia Kapadia sculpture by Kwame Akoto-Bamfop

Healing the Trauma of Slavery – A Special Section

A five-article deep dive into the vast array of effects that African Americans suffer from to this day as a legacy of America's original sin; includes a look at the potential for healing. Read More » 

Black and Vegan in Atlanta  A Special Section

Black and Vegan in Atlanta – A Special Section

Slutty Vegan may be the big attraction these days, but Atlanta's Black and vegan community has been around for a long time. How did it evolve? We explore! Read More » 


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