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Diane Eaton

Diane The Writing Doctor

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Diane Eaton

Diane The Writing Doctor
Powers Ferry North SE
Marietta, GA 30067

Your Book. Your Voice. Your Work. Elevated.

Professional Freelance Writer, Editor and Ghostwriter

Powerful writing is so much more than good grammar and perfect punctuation. To be a page-turner, your book has to be written so that it is clear, smooth, and easy to consume, whether it's a memoir or a professional treatise.

To be successful, your business website has to know who you are. It has to be clear, intuitive, unique, and even entertaining to grab and hold attention to convey your brand and sell your products or services.

I'm a Certified Content Marketer, ghostwriter, editor, copywriter and author. With a background in business, health and wellness, personal development and technology, I love helping others succeed as they make a positive difference in the world.

Tell your story in a way that makes an impact——and watch your business grow. Count on the attention to detail you've been looking for. Achieve the higher levels of response you want from your readers. Convey energy, style, and personality (yours!) with engaging writing and persuasive copy. Call the Writing Doctor!