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Natural Awakenings Atlanta

The Wise Woman Map of Life & Love

A 9-week online program for earth-based women to gain clarity in decision-making, healthy boundaries, and authentic relationships

Hello, I'm Corinna, and I invite you to study with me from home. I'd love to support you along your journey.

It can be hard to hear your inner voice when you feel pulled in different directions—whether it’s in relationships, navigating transitions, or just trying to find the time and energy to pursue your own interests.

I’ve been there, sister. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, caught up in all the voices, uncertain of where to turn.

Yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Wise Woman Map of Life & Love offers a set of simple tools and practical guides—for rooting out old beliefs and choices that separate you from your own inherent wisdom, needs and desires.

Curriculum includes:
° A language of self awareness and self empathy so you can move beyond self doubt to embracing your authentic self
° Tools to examine and shift your underlying beliefs to break free of old patterns in order to cultivate the life you want to live
° Relationship skills for authentic connection and healthy boundaries—loving others and yourself at the same time
° Practical and effective techniques for making wise decisions that free up more time and energy for what’s most important to you

Think of it as a roadmap home to yourself!

Doors close at 7 pm eastern on Friday, September 9, and won’t reopen until next fall. See all the juicy details at

I hope to meet you on the inside,

Date & Time

Weekly on Thursday

Sep 09, 2022 through Nov 30, 2022