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Natural Awakenings Atlanta

Cosmic Self Love Playground Retreat

For corporate woman on the brink of burnout, yearning for sanctuary where self love meets rest and adventure. Escape the chaos to focus on your well-being and play.

If you're a modern-day woman on the brink of burnout, yearning for a sanctuary where self-love intertwines with adventure, then welcome to the Wellness Self-Love Retreat. Picture yourself escaping the chaos, surrounded by a community of kindred spirits, where every moment is an opportunity to rediscover your inner radiance and reclaim your mojo. Join us for a cosmic journey where self-care becomes a celebration of your uniqueness, and where you'll be embraced for simply being YOU. From Oct 14th-Oct 17th

READY TO ELEVATE YOUR LIFE? JOIN US AT THE COSMIC PLAYGROUND SELF-LOVE RETREAT! Are you wondering if the Cosmic Playground self-Love Retreat is the perfect fit for you?

If you resonate with any of the following, then the answer is a resounding YES: -

You're yearning for a fresh infusion of inspiration in both your personal and professional life. -

Your soul is thirsting for spiritual nourishment and a taste of adventure. -

You're eager to explore new ways to make a profound impact in your life and the lives of others. -

You're ready to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and take your journey to the next level. -

Your soul is ready for rest and rejuvenation.

- You're feeling the call for a reboot or a major shift in direction, either personally or in your business endeavors.

- Your heart is craving expansion and growth, and you're excited to stretch its boundaries.

- You're looking to invite more play into your life

- You're seeking connection and camaraderie with a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs who understand your journey. 

Date & Time

October 14, 2024

10:30AM - 9:00AM


Douglassville, GA - upon purchase given, Douglasville, GA, 30122 upon purchase given Douglasville 30122 GA US

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