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New Holistic and Integrative Medicine Clinic Opens in Decatur

Photo: Martin Van Lear

Tree of Light Health Clinic has opened its doors in Decatur, offering holistic, functional and integrative medicine, as well as family and sports medicine. Its owner, Martin Van Lear, MSN, integrates functional-, traditional- and energy-medicine techniques to help put people on the path to holistic wellness. Treatment is customized for each individual.

“I use energy medicine in addition to traditional labs and functional tests to help patients see improvement that they’ve not gotten elsewhere,” says Van Lear. He treats a wide spectrum of chronic health issues, including chronic fatigue, migraines, auto-immune disease, pain, blood sugar imbalances and sleep disorders.

“My specialty is to help people discover the root cause of their illness. Conventional medicine tends to treat the symptoms. I treat the causes so people can achieve a new level of health,” he says.

Van Lear has worked in urgent care, family medicine and internal medicine, and he says he was moved by seeing so many people who were quite sick not get any better.

“We have to look at the body as an energetic, multidimensional entity. I get quicker results with the help of the energy work,” he adds. Treatment often includes natural herbs and homeopathics to gently bring people back into balance, but traditional diagnostic tools and pharmaceuticals are used when needed.

Tree of Light Health is located at 235 E Ponce de Leon Ave Suites 308 and 314, Decatur. For more information, visit

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