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SoundEmbrace Offers Certification Program

May 30, 2019 02:00AM ● By Staff
Photo: Danielle Hall of SoundEmbrace

Danielle Hall of SoundEmbrace has introduced the SoundEmbrace Sound Healing Certification Program.

The 200-hour course, which will start on August 19 and run through December 10, is conducted largely online with an in-person immersion from December 5 to 10. The cost is $3,500 if paid in full.

Hall says that there are no widely recognized certifications in the industry. Nevertheless, she feels that her offering is distinguished by the degree to which it is grounded in science and geared to positive client results and the safety of practitioners. She says she structured her program that way largely due to the fact that she grew up in a conservative household when it came to medical matters and that when she received her sound healing certification, her teachers spoke a language that she did not understand; she wanted and needed an education grounded in science.

Indeed, Hall claims that most sound healing programs are focused on learning to play the instruments. She is more concerned with how the bodies of the listeners are affected and with creating a safe working space for practitioners. She says that the more a therapist practices, the more sensitive they become to subtle energies, which may impose challenges to practicing. Her program includes methods that strengthen the practitioner’s subtle body.

Hall’s faculty includes a doctor of naturopathy, a doctor of chiropractic and a sound engineer.

For more information: visit, or email [email protected]


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