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Integrative Energetic Medicine: A Self-Healing Practice

Feb 28, 2020 09:30AM ● By Dr. Fernand Poulin
Did you know that there is an area in close proximity to the physical body that waits to be revealed and experienced? For many, it is a portal to wholeness.

This was revealed to me unexpectedly a few years ago when I was hitting a spiritual “rock bottom” with meditation and self-healing. My mind was filled with thoughts of self-judgment and comparison, and I concluded that I was too wounded to awaken.

Then, during a very restless meditation, I desperately reached out with extended arms and open hands to what I hoped would be Spirit. In that moment, I shifted into a peaceful, calm and joyous state. My mind stopped its criticism, and I experienced a sense of inner fullness and wholeness. That experience confirmed that we are not bound to the body; we are more than our body, emotions and thoughts.

With a deep curiosity, an ongoing practice emerged that brought awareness to the space surrounding the physical body—a space that, until now, has not been consciously attended.

What follows are practical steps to uncover and experience the essence of who and what we are. Of the thousands of people around the world with whom I’ve shared this practice, many have reported feeling more awakened to their wholeness.

Understanding Integrative Energetic Medicine

Integrative Energetic Medicine (IEM) is a synergistic approach to energy healing, developed over 40 years, that offers a thorough understanding of energy anatomy within and around the body and specific ways to deal with imbalances of all kinds. It uses subtle energy pathways to increase balance and flow, which in turn enhance the body’s ability to regulate and heal.

IEM practitioners use “felt sensing” to attune, resonate and regulate energies. Anyone can acquire this type of tangible sensitivity to make conscious shifts in one’s own subtle anatomy.

The Layers of The Biofield

IEM explains that there is a three-to-four-foot electromagnetic sphere of energy, a biofield, around the physical body consisting of four energetic layers. When all layers are integrated, they bring about the experience of being whole and fully present.

Just as a cell membrane creates a boundary between its interior and external environment, an external ethereal energetic membrane encapsulates all four layers of the biofield, including the physical body. This ethereal membrane is permeable and receives information from outside of itself while transmitting soulful and/or personal information to its environment.

Practice Step #1:
Imagine drawing a circle around you on the floor, four feet away from your body, thereby creating an energetic boundary between your personal space and the outside world. As you sit in the center, be with and feel the space around your body and within your circle.

The Soul Body

This first layer within the ethereal membrane, depicted by your circle, is the soul body. It is the outermost portion of the biofield, housing your spiritual potential and aspirations. This layer has been the most unrecognized and unvisited throughout contemporary spiritual history.

The soul body is beyond the mind, body, and emotions of the personality, yet not exclusive of these human attributes. It is very light in vibration and expresses a state where fulfillment of life is experienced, and human desires are secondary. It is peaceful and tranquil and is moved by the spirit of love and pure knowing—not ideals. This is the space where my shift into a peaceful, joyous state originated.

Engaging with the outer layer of the soul body awakens one to a deep, heartfelt sense of inner connection to the spirit of love—to everything and everyone—and offers an experience that all souls are united. It is unconditional and accepting of what is. Beauty is seen in everything and everyone.

Practice Step #2:
From the center of your circle, extend both arms and rest your hands in the space of your soul body. Choose to openly and curiously connect with your soul. Pause. Be and feel.

The Mental Body

The second layer of the biofield, approximately one foot inside the ethereal membrane, is the mental body. This layer houses thought vibrations including perceptions, beliefs, conclusions and self-made stories about one’s identity, others and the world.

The mental body holds the thoughts that make up the “relative self,” or ego, which impact one’s life decisions and direction. Each thought form vibrates at its own unique frequency, creating an energetic potential to manifest in the image and likeness of its vibration.

Practice Step #3:
Bring your arms and hands one foot closer and rest in your mental body. Experience your soul energies entering into and merging with your mental body. Pause. Be and feel. Allow these two energetic bodies to integrate.

Emotional Body

The next layer is the emotional body, which is activated by thought vibrations and gives rise to emotions that ultimately impact our physiology. Every thought vibration gives rise to emotions and feelings such as sadness, anger, fear, joy, happiness and peace. The stronger the identification with a thought, the more pronounced the response—from numbed to deeply felt.

Practice Step #4:
Bring your arms and hands a foot closer to your body and rest in your emotional body. Experience your soul and mental energies entering into and merging with your emotional body. Pause. Be and feel. Allow these three energetic bodies to integrate.

The Etheric Body

Often considered the body’s double, the etheric body lives about two inches outside of the skin. It is made up of an illuminated network of neutral filaments forming an etheric mold that holds the body intact and brings either wellness or dis-ease patterns to the physical body. When the three previous energetic bodies are integrated, the etheric body exudes wellness and vitality to the biological cells. But when negative thoughts or addictive emotions assault the soul, the etheric body will deteriorate in certain areas and local tissue will begin to show signs of discomfort and dis-ease patterns.

Practice Step #5:
Bring your hands four inches in front of your chest and rest them in your etheric body. Experience your soul, mental and emotional energies entering into and merging with your etheric body. Pause. Be and feel. Allow these four energetic bodies to integrate.

The Physical Body

The physical body ultimately serves as a sensory and motor vehicle for our in-dwelling spirit, embodying and delivering whatever wants to be expressed by the soul. It is the sum total of the molecules and particles which compose it, molecules that perform a variety of biological functions. While cells of the physical body respond to their physical environment, they are also influenced by thought and emotional vibrations. Mental or emotional influence produces tension in the tissue that will either enhance the immune system or over-stimulate and short-circuit it.

Practice #6:
Rest a hand on your chest. Experience your soul, mental, emotional and etheric energies entering into and merging with your physical body. Pause. Be and feel. Allow these five energetic bodies to integrate.

The Chakra System

There are seven major wheel-like chakras, or energy centers, along the spine and within the brain. Each chakra resonates to a particular spiritual consciousness. The chakra that brings coherence to our life experiences is the heart chakra. It directly expresses the resonance of universal love and unifies spirit and matter, which invites transformation at all levels. It opens the door to awakening and healing.

Practice #7:
Rest your hand on your heart chakra. Experience your soul, mental, emotional, etheric and physical energies entering into and merging with your heart chakra. Pause. Be and feel. Allow all energetic bodies to integrate.
Relax your hands and now experience the space within your circle. From this state, you can enter a meditation or contemplation. Enjoy!

Compassion, kindness and self-acceptance become the virtues that are explored throughout life situations. Integrative Energetic Medicine is a medicine that integrates all the layers of our human existence and, when we acknowledge them, brings peace, inner joy and self-love.

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Founder and director of WhiteWinds Institute, Dr. Fernand Poulin is a dedicated healing professional, coach, educator and spiritual leader. He has studied with medicine people and spiritual healers around the world. Contact him at [email protected], 678-570-4373 or

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