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Atlanta CSA Directory

Apr 01, 2020 09:00AM ● By Paul Chen
Atlanta is blessed with many small farms within and immediately outside the metro area that provide Atlantans with numerous opportunities to pick up fresh and often organic food—whether at a market or as a member of a community-supported agriculture program (CSA).

CSA is an economic model that reduces the risk to small farms and provides them with capital when it’s needed most—at the start of the growing season. The system allows customers to actively support local farmers by purchasing a share of their crops before it is grown each season, and by doing so, assuming some of the risks. If the growing season is poor, for example, farmers still get paid, and everyone receives less food. If the season is particularly productive, on the other hand, everyone shares in the bounty.

As CSA members, consumers can know more about where their food comes from and benefit from the higher quality, freshness and taste of food that comes from farms with more stringent standards. Engaging in a CSA also keeps food dollars in the regional community.

Joining a CSA usually involves subscribing to and paying upfront for a share of a farm’s harvest and then receiving fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season. In our roundup of Atlanta CSAs in 2020, we found that many farms offer CSA-type service without the large upfront fee. For some, one-month and one-time orders are offered.

Several CSAs offer a selection of sizes of food baskets; Respective prices are included in their listings below. There are other nuanced differences from one CSA to the next as well—such as add-on options of meats, eggs, bread, milk, and more—so we encourage you to visit the CSA’s website to get all the details you need to make the right choice for your needs.

This directory of Atlanta CSAs was compiled from information at and the CSA websites. Special thanks to Nuts ’n Berries for making it possible for us to provide a more in-depth presentation of Atlanta CSAs for our readers.

Atlanta Regional Directory of CSAs

Atlanta Harvest
Next Subscription Season: Ongoing
Subscription Plan: One-time shares only.
Share Prices: $20, $30 and $45 per week.
Pickup Location: Avondale Estates Farmers Market, 22 N Avondale Rd., Avondale Estates
Notes: Add-on options: Meat, eggs, jams and tea.

Bread and Butter Farms
Next Subscription Season: May – Aug, 12 weeks
Subscription Plan: Full season.
Share Price: $400
Pickup Locations: Bread and Butter Farms, 809 Laboon Rd. Monroe; Georgia State University, 58 Edgewood, Atlanta; 1400 Killian Hill Rd SW, Lilburn

Ecosystem Farm
Next Subscription Season: April 26 – December 13.
Subscription Plans: Full season and one-time shares.
Share Prices: $15 to $75 per week
Pickup Locations: 1088 Bouldercrest Dr SE, Atlanta
Notes: Customized selection of food. Add-on options: Meat, pasta, bread and nut milk.

Farmers Fresh
Next Subscription Season: March – December.
Subscription Plan: Four-week and 13-week options.
Share Prices: $92 per four weeks.
Pickup Locations: There are many locations in the area including Buckhead, Marietta, Vinings, and more. See website. Home delivery is also available.
Notes: Add-on options: Meat, eggs, bread and milk.

Freewheel Farm
Next Subscription Season: May – August (15 weeks).
Subscription Plan: Full season.
Share Prices: $450 per season.
Pickup Locations: 768 Connally St. SE, Atlanta; Grant Park Farmers Market, 600 Cherokee Ave. SE, Atlanta

Fresh Harvest
Next Subscription Season: All year.
Subscription Plan: None. Sign up for weekly delivery. Cancel any time.
Share Prices: $28 to $73 per week.
Pickup Locations: Delivered to your door.
Notes: Produce is sourced from more than 12 organic farms.

Love Is Love Farm at Gaia Gardens
Next Subscription Season: April to August (16 weeks).
Subscription Plan: Full season.
Share Prices: $480 and $270 per season.
Pickup Locations: Gaia Gardens, 529 Summit Drive, Decatur;
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta, 1190 W Druid Hills Drive NE, Atlanta
Notes: Certified organic. Add-on options include meat, eggs, bread and coffee.

Moore Farms & Friends
Next Subscription Season: Ongoing.
Subscription Plans: Annual $36 membership covers administrative costs and is required before placing an order. Or choose from three “investment programs” that are structured as traditional CSAs and include earning interest. Orders can be customized or get one of three sizes of “Farmer’s Pick” boxes. No minimum purchase period under an annual membership.
Share Prices: $20, $30 and $40 for Farmer’s Pick boxes, sold as one-time shares.
Investment program prices: $500, $1,000 and $2,500.
Pickup Locations: Twelve sites within the perimeter. See website for full listing.
Notes: The coop represents more than 30 farms and food producers that are either certified organic or naturally-grown or are sustainable or chemical-free in their methods.

Patchwork City Farms
Next Subscription Season: May 10 – August 16
Subscription Plan: Full season, delivered biweekly.
Share Price: $350
Pickup Locations: Patchwork City Farm, 902 Pinehurst Terrace SW, Atlanta;
The Market, 1071 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta.

Rise ‘n Shine Farm
Next Subscription Season: April 26 – November 21
Subscription Plan: Full season and one-time shares.
Share Prices: $22, $30 and $38 per week.
Pickup Locations: Many sites, including Inman Park United Methodist Church, North Decatur Presbyterian Church and Whole Foods Market Buckhead.
Notes: Certified organic. Customized boxes. Add-on options: Meat, honey, granola, eggs, grits and more.

Roswell Farmers Market
Next Subscription Season: Ongoing.
Subscription Plan: Four-week minimum purchase.
Share Prices: $100, $140 and $180 per month.
Pickup Locations: Atlanta, Marietta and Roswell.
Notes: Roswell Farmers Market has its own biodynamic farm and sources from several additional biodynamic farms. Add-ons include prepared meals, local organic dairy, organic condiments, organic gluten-free breads, organic local cheese, organic nutsk and more.

Riverview Farms
Next Subscription Season: May – December.
Subscription Plan: Full season with open enrollment—The fee is prorated if you join after the start date. Options include weekly, biweekly and monthly delivery.
Share Prices: $25 – $30 per week.
Pickup Locations: Fourteen locations including ones in Atlanta, Brookhaven, Decatur, East Cobb, Peachtree Corners and Tucker.
Notes: Riverview Farms offers a meat CSA for $68.33 for a 10-lb. monthly share to $128.33 for a 16-lb. monthly share.

Truly Living Well
Next Subscription Season: Ongoing;
Subscription Plan: 13-week memberships over four months.
Share Prices: $195, $250 and $400.
Pickup Locations: Freedom Farmers Market @ The Carter Center, 453 John Lewis Freedom Pkwy, NE, Atlanta; The Market @ Collegetown Farm, 324 Lawton St SW, Atlanta.

Wrecking Barn Farm
Next Subscription Season: May 5 – TBD
Subscription Plan: Four-week minimum.
Share Prices: $100 per four weeks.
Pickup Locations: Wrecking Bar Brewpub, 292 Moreland Ave NE, Atlanta.
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