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The Sacred Transition of the Animal Soul

Apr 01, 2020 09:00AM ● By Tammy Billups
Excerpted from Animal Soul Contracts by Tammy Billups © 2020 Bear & Company. Printed with permission from the publisher, Inner Traditions International.

Animal lovers are extraordinary in that they are aware of the looming probability that they will outlive their beloved pets.

Yet they are still drawn, time and time again, to the connection, the teachings, and the joy that is uniquely special to sharing their lives, homes, and laps with animals. They choose love over the fear of the emotional pain that is sure to come with the eventual loss. For most animal guardians, their loving companion’s final days and moments are some of the most difficult and painful experiences of their lives.

Often I am hired to facilitate healing sessions on animals during their last months, days, hours, or even during the very moment of a veterinarian-assisted euthanasia. Early in my practice I learned that I would frequently work with animals during this sacred time at the end of their life. It’s a common and natural time for people to reach out for help since they want to find a way to help their animal feel better and be more comfortable or determine if their pet is suffering or in pain. Over the years I’ve learned that my ability to show up for people and their animals during this period of their lives must have always been part of the bigger plan for me.

As any person or animal nears the end of its life, bioenergetic healings serve a deeper, more divine purpose: they prepare the soul to exit the body through the crown chakra, located at the top of the head. These healing sessions are usually very productive and embedded within them is a strong sense of higher purpose. These sessions can also include the practice of releasing energetic codependency cords, as well as energy and emotions that have been absorbed from others—in addition to any energetic congestion that the animal would prefer to release while still in its body. Once they have left their body temple, this healing work shortens their adjustment period on the other side.

It is truly an honor to be part of this incredible moment when a soul leaves the body and returns to the spirit realm. In a way, it’s a graduation upward and forward to the next chapter of their soul’s evolution, where they will be free and can better support their beloved person(s). Each time I hold that sacred space, it is indescribable and profoundly moving. To be able to sense the beauty and splendor of the soul’s release is something I feel very honored to witness. The amount of pure and unconditional angelic love that surrounds the animals and their people during these final moments leaves me with a renewed sense of peace. Just knowing that we are always supported, that there is always loving energy around us—but especially so during the more difficult times—reinforces my belief that every soul continues its journey.

Family Love for Rosco

One day I received an urgent call from an emotional client, Jim, who was at the veterinarian’s office with his senior dog Rosco, contemplating making the difficult choice to help his beloved dog end his suffering. Jim was surprised by his emotions when speaking to me, but I could tell he knew it was Rosco’s time. He asked me what I have experienced about an animal’s preference to be either in the vet’s office or at home when they pass. I told him that I could not know, like he would be able to, what Rosco’s personal preference would be. I added that, when possible, I’ve learned that most animals prefer to be at home with their family when they transition.

As far as I’m concerned, nothing is more difficult than making a life-altering decision about an animal companion that has been nothing less than one of God’s greatest and best gifts in our life. And when the synchronicities line up, like the events with this client’s dog did, you have no doubt that there is a higher power involved, orchestrating every detail. Jim decided to take Rosco home and, together with his wife and children, spend some time saying good-bye.

His veterinarian was available to facilitate an in-home euthanasia later that afternoon. Jim asked me to facilitate one last energy healing session prior to the vet’s visit. During the session, it would be family time and final good-byes. He didn’t want his young children to witness the actual euthanasia. My schedule miraculously cleared to be able to facilitate a remote healing session on Rosco to prepare him for the veterinarian- assisted transition directly afterward. The healing session was Rosco’s final gift from “his dad.” The entire family surrounded their beloved dog with love, expressing gratitude to him during the healing session, saying their painful good-byes and weeping, sharing stories and telling Rosco how much they loved him.

Toward the end of the session, when I was just about to disconnect, I followed my intuitive guidance and stayed connected to Rosco for five minutes more. I’m so glad I did because they were the most incredible five minutes! I felt an amazing and gentle release of energy from Rosco’s crown chakra, saw a bevy of angels surrounding the family, and became aware of a very high vibration of love and light easily flowing through Rosco. It was in every way a sacred and beautiful moment to witness as his soul released from his body. His soul felt so happy and free.

This wonderful dog was literally in the hands of his loving family when he took his last breath, which is just where he wanted to be. In this, the children learned that it is safe to bear witness to the natural unfolding and ending of life. And the experience of this sacred event allowed the family to share something that they will forever remember. Through all the emotions that flowed from their heartbreak, they supported each other through each tear. There is beauty in everything, even in endings.

The type of energy healing session that I performed on Rosco can release any congested energy and aid in a natural passing. The sessions will consistently help the animal to move forward in the highest and best way possible, whatever path that is. Sometimes that means they continue their life journey feeling better, and at other times it helps the animal prepare for their time to return to Spirit. I always share the possibility (of the soul leaving) with people prior to conducting healings sessions when the animal is especially close to the end of its journey in this life. On rare occasions, like with Rosco, I’ve been connected to an animal and it gently and beautifully passed during the session. Animal lovers always hope for an easy and gentle passing for their pets and I have learned that it is a blessing for all when that occurs. The animals would not leave without choosing to do so at the soul level. And each time I’ve been connected to an animal and their soul unexpectedly released from their body, their person had already given the animal permission to leave. Both beings were unattached to the outcome of the session and were emotionally ready for the animal’s departure.

Author Tammy Billups is a Certified Interface Therapy, healer and creator of Animal-Human Tandem Healings™, a healing modality that accelerates the healing of humans and the animals with whom they share a soul bond. Natural Awakenings’ review of Billups’ first book and an interview with her can be found at and, respectively. See our article about her services at

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