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Greene Nutraceuticals Offers Energy Drink for Mental Clarity

Atlanta-based Greene Nutraceuticals tm is now offering Instant Clarity tm Powdered Energy Drink to help promote mental clarity and energy. Ingredients include Vitamin C, B12, gingko, posphatidylserine, huperzine A and chromium picolinate, which work synergistically to promote clarity, increase focus, improve mood and support memory. The combination is especially helpful to those with brain fog, ADD and ADHD. The product is also designed to energize and support the adrenal glands with vitamins and minerals.

“Instant Clarity was born out of my own battle with brain fog,” says Errol Greene, founder of Greene Nutraceuticals. His brain fog was so debilitating, he asked his doctor for a dementia/Alzheimer’s test. Instead, the doctor prescribed several nootropics—substances that promote memory and cognitive function—and they changed his life. “To say they worked is an understatement—they made life worth living again. I started thinking more clearly than I had in my teens and twenties,” says Greene. His experience inspired him to create a convenient product that combines those ingredients so others could benefit from them, too.

All ingredients in Instant Clarity come from a U.S.-based, FDA-approved, cGMP-certified facility and are gluten- and sugar-free. Amazon reviewed and tested the product, reported that it meets and exceeds their requirements, and named it a “product of choice” within several categories.

“Nootropics offer a proven, healthy, and effective way for adults experiencing brain fog to address their symptoms without having to resort to expensive prescription drugs that often come with side effects,” says Greene. “But what really separates this energy cocktail from others is that it includes ingredients for adrenal support. Most energy drinks make large withdrawals from our adrenal glands and give little, if anything, in return to help recharge them.”

A 30-serving container is available at an introductory price of $25.95 on the website or on Amazon for $26.95. For more information, see
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