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Roberts Releases Black Woman’s Guide

Self-actualization coach, yoga and meditation instructor and founder of Black Vegan Life ™, Trish Ahjel Roberts released her new self-help memoir, Thinking Outside the Chrysalis: A Black Woman’s Guide to Spreading Her Wings in July.

“As the world’s attention is drawn inward by the global pandemic, the reality of police brutality pushed people into the streets,” says Roberts. “With all the inner discord caused by this pushing and pulling, many people asked me for help. I’m so grateful I was able to complete this book at a time when it can be so meaningful.”

More than a memoir, the book offers a peek into the lived experiences of a single Black mother in Atlanta interweaved with rich Buddhist and yogic teachings; it is especially relevant at a time when the world needs both action and patience. Providing an unusually immersive approach, the book includes recommendations and resources for music, guided meditations, affirmations and more.

Author of the novel, Chocolate Soufflé, and the e-book, Black Vegan Life ™ Guide to Self-Care, Roberts is also a frequent contributing writer to Natural Awakenings of Atlanta. She offers books, blog posts, coaching, resources and more on her website, Her books are available on Amazon and at

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