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Green Releases Second Novel, Vicissitudes

Kim Green, an award-winning author, blogger and writing coach, recently released her newest novel, Vicissitudes, a modern romance that explores the transformative power of love.

“I am very excited to release Vicissitudes,” says Green. “It is a novel that was written with a lot of love and passion. It defies norms and asks readers to expand their minds and their hearts.”

The story follows a divorced woman who is reluctant to date again. “Then she falls in love with a trans man who is still in transition, and they have to deal with an old lover of his who threatens to ruin the relationship,” says Green. Self-love and acceptance are key themes.

Owner of Blank Page Consulting and Words, LLC, Green has also been a regular contributor to Natural Awakenings of Atlanta. Her first novel, Hallucination, won an Honorable Mention from the 2020 Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

Vicissitudes is available at bookstores, online, and at For more information, visit
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