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Strich Launches Online Course for Heart-Centered LIfe

Apr 01, 2021 08:30AM ● By Staff

Mindy Strich (Photo: Photo Jennifer Connelly)

Certified healing therapist and life coach since 2012, Mindy Strich is introducing an online course to educate and support people who want to live a more heart-centered life.

“Prescriptions for a Heart-Centered Life” is a self-paced course that includes seven educational modules, guided meditations, a 35-page workbook, and exercises that help people learn to trust their intuition, connect with their heart’s wisdom, heal old wounds and more.

“One of the major reasons there is so much pain and struggle in our lives is we haven’t been taught to listen to our hearts,” says Strich, owner of Healing Hearts, LLC. “In the 10 years I have been in practice as a healer, I have found one common thread, which is, to heal our lives, we need to heal our hearts. And that is something that has to be experienced. You can show someone a piece of cake and tell them how delicious it is, but no matter how good it may look, you have to taste it to really experience the sweetness. The same can be said for listening to your heart. ‘Prescriptions for a Heart-Centered Life’ is an experience for your heart. The more present you are, the more you will savor it.”

The cost of the course is $149.00 and includes a free healing session. For more information, visit
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