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Billups Releases Third Book on Animal-Human Relations

Dec 01, 2022 06:00AM ● By Staff

Tammy Billups (Photo: Lorikay Photography)

Woodstock-based, award-winning author and energy healer Tammy Billups has released her third book about animal-human relationships, Animal Wayshowers: The Lightworkers Ushering in 5D Consciousness. Billups will appear at a launch and signing event at Forever and A Day on Sunday, December 4, from 1 to 4 p.m. Forever and A Day is located at 7830 Highway 92 in Woodstock. 

The book is “a warm and heart-opening guide to understand, support and honor the soul missions of our animal companions,” says Billups. “Animals are natural holders of 5D consciousness. The extraordinary animals who have chosen, at a soul level, to live alongside humans are lightworkers on the front lines of the animal kingdom’s mission to help people to heal, evolve and attune to their divine purpose as well as assist in raising the vibration of the planet and collective consciousness to 5D.” 

Animal Wayshowers is Billups’ third book that delves into address animal-human relationships. Along with her two previous offerings, Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions and Animal Soul Contracts, it is published by Inner Traditions, a subsidiary of Bear and Company, and distributed by Simon and Schuster. Both earlier books have won awards from the Coalition of Visionary Resources. Soul Healing won the 2020 Gold Award in the iconic book category, beating out such celebrated books as Michael Singer’s The Untethered Soul. 

Animal Soul Contracts won the 2021 Gold Award in the pet and animal books category.  

Animal Wayshowers is available on Amazon and other major book sites, For more information, visit
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