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Pranayama: A Three-Part Series, Jan–March 2024

Mar 01, 2024 06:00AM ● By Paul Chen
In this series we take a closer look at pranayama, a variety of specialized breathing practices that spiritual masters and yogis have practiced for millennia. Today, millions of people around the world practice pranayama to improve mental and physical health, reduce stress, increase awareness and facilitate self-realization. Part 1 of the series explores the origins of pranayama and breathwork and how they are used in modern times. Part 2 shares insights from Atlanta-area teachers about several popular pranayama techniques and describes several of the most popular ones in use today. Part 3 looks at pranayama within the context of yoga’s eight limbs, as a part of the path to enlightenment, or samadhi. 

Here are the articles. 

Mind and Body A Journey through Breathwork and Pranayama

Mind and Body: A Journey through Breathwork and Pranayama

For thousands of years, specialized breathing practices have been used by healers, yogis, shamans and everyday people to strengthen the body and focus the mind. In ancient India, the foun... Read More » 


The Power Practices and Benefits of Pranayama

The Power, Practices and Benefits of Pranayama

Pranayama. Like ripples dissipating into a pond, slow, deep breaths quiet mental chatter, and rhythmic inhalations and exhalations become a mantra, anchoring the present moment. Read More » 


Pranayama Kriya and the Acceleration of Awakening

Pranayama, Kriya and the Acceleration of Awakening

With the help of the Kriya Pranayama, which is taught by many organizations in the Kriya Yoga tradition, one’s spiritual evolution can be fast-tracked and the awakening process streamline... Read More » 


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