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BRUCE LIPTON On the Role of Consciousness in Healing - Part 2

Aug 01, 2019 12:06AM ● By Diane Eaton

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Last month, publisher Paul Chen and I interviewed Dr. Bruce Lipton, an award-winning cellular biologist, research scientist, former university professor and author. Lipton has made it his life’s work to help people recognize that modern science is not at odds with—and in fact supports—more spiritual and more empowered relationships with ourselves, our health, and the world around us. Lipton will be speaking on The Biology of Personal Empowerment at Unity North on August 20.

NA: How is it that spirituality has come to play a role in physics and in medicine?

Spirituality has to do with the non-material presence of who we are. It’s an invisible field, so it's very difficult for conventional medicine to identify it because there's nothing there in the chemistry to see where it is. What is it? It's a consciousness. It's an energy. Right out of quantum physics… But in Newtonian physics [the predecessor to quantum physics], the universe is split into a physical and a non-physical realm. And the premise [of Newtonian physics] is that, if it's physical, it can only be affected by something physical; it's not affected by the invisible. So, the body is physical. You want to fix it? You put something physical in it. A drug. That's the destination of medicine.

But in 1925, [quantum] physics said that the whole physical reality that we're all experiencing at this very moment is an illusion. There is nothing physical, which right away is mind-boggling to anybody. But here’s an Einstein quote: “Reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” From the point of view of quantum physics, there is nothing physical. And you say, “But how come I can see you?” Right? Because [of] photons of light. A photon hits an energy source and it's bounced back…Your whole body is an energy structure reflecting light.

So, [paraphrasing Einstein] energy is the sole governing agency of matter. And where's the energy? Well, first of all, it's invisible, so right away, you’ve got a problem right there. You can't see it; it’s an energy field, so [this is where] quantum physics changes the game. It's not a duality realm of matter and energy [anymore]. Everything is energy, and energy of every form connects with the energy of every other form. So matter is a form of energy, and energy fields affect matter. And consciousness is an energy field; it shapes matter. And all of a sudden you think, oh my goodness, if you change the field, then you change the matter. And thinking is an expression of an energy field. So if you change the field, you change the biology with your perception.

NA: How do the principles of quantum physics change the way we approach healing?
Pharmaceutical agents are an effort to try to intervene in a system, even though the problem isn’t with the [chemistry of the body]; it’s almost always with the consciousness. The chemistry is downstream. The problem starts first in a thought and then it's translated into the physical body. [Take cancer, for example.] Cancer is not a problem; cancer is a symptom. Meaning you can kill all the damn cancer cells you want, but [you really need to] fix the cause of the problem. Pharmaceutical people want us to [take] a drug but not necessarily deal with consciousness, which is where the overriding control lies.

That’s the difference between two people with cancer diagnoses. One of them believes the cells are “stupid” because that's what we're told. “Cancer cells are stupid. They’re a mutation, or whatever…and once we take the cancer cells out, well, now you’re healthy.”

So one person believes that. They go through all the chemo, the radiation and stuff. And then they think, okay, now I'm healthy because the “stupid” cells are gone. But the cells weren't being stupid, and cancer is not from a mutation. It takes a minimum of 14 different genes to be coordinated to manifest a cancer. And then up to 200 genes. [People have to see that it’s not that] “a” cancer gene had “a” mutation. It takes 14 [mutations] or more. All of a sudden, it’s not about chance anymore.

So, what's the relevance? The cancer is reflecting a disharmony in the consciousness of the individual. Whether it's a lack of love or whether it's a fear, whatever it is, it's gnawing on that person. And the cancer cells are like [the adage,] “when the government is not good, the population suffers.” The body has 50 trillion sentient cells. The cells are intelligent. The brain [in this analogy] is the government. If the brain keeps sending out screwy information, it causes the population to be upset. Cancer is an expression of that. A person could be riddled with cancer, but they recognize it's not the cells. [They recognize] it's their life that’s causing the problem. Their job, their relationship or whatever the hell it is. And when they change their behavior… Guess what? That leads to what's called a spontaneous remission.

Who are the ones who recover from cancer? Those that have the so-called “spontaneous remission.” And, what provoked that? A complete change in consciousness. “Oh, I’ve only got three months left to live? Then I'm leaving my job and I'm going out to enjoy my life.” And then three months pass, and then a year passes, and then two years. They didn't die. They didn’t die because the cause was not the cell.

Here's a fact. Less than one percent of disease is even connected to genetics. Right away you want to go, “What??” Because we have been programmed with the belief that genes unfold and create the life. That's everyone's belief. We started with that. That’s the belief system. “I am a victim, and the doctor tells me, ‘your cells are stupid and you're going to die.’” And you buy it. So, when people say the cancer is a problem, I say, no, it’s a symptom of not being in harmony.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., a cell biologist, former faculty of the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and researcher at Stanford University, is a world-renowned speaker and best-selling author of Biology of Belief. More at

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